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Mean Neighbour.....

Mean Neighbour..... by
LadyBig2009 (472) on: 29 Apr 09, 01:40 PM (6 years ago)

A woman just finished her bath and the husband entered straight to take a bath. Then suddenly it knock on the door...The woman wrapped a towel over her body and went to answer the door. It was the next door neighbour. As he stood there and saw the woman in her towel, he then said. I have 800.000 Naira.If u drop ur towel for me to have a quick look I will give u the money. The woman thought about it and let her towel drop.
When she came back to the bathroom her husband then ask who was on the door.The wife said it was the next door neighbour.Then the husband ask....Ohhh did he said anything about the 800.000 Naira he still owes me??

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