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Lexyhearts (12)
8 years ago

hello everyone

just say wht u feel about 9ja movies.say u hate them or like them.do u think ey can make it in Hollywood.LOL


26 Jul 07, 10:54 PM
Dguy (4149)
8 years ago

Naija movies.......I think they really fit into the culture and society........i just feel that we dont have enough talented directors (i didnt say none oh..b4 anyone start attacking me)....but i think we have some of the best performers (actors & actresses).......in general i think the movies are good..

26 Jul 07, 11:04 PM
aleoria (9)
8 years ago

some of them try to do what american movies do,and some actors/actresses try to do these weird british accents...but overall they are tooo funny!!

31 Jul 07, 07:20 AM
bob (1)
8 years ago

I hate nigerian movies, they act same old stuff with a change in the name of the movie...i hav a lot to complain about.... their stupid slow motions..... showing same old romantic scene by the beach or showing them chase themselves.  let them spend money, and get something better

31 Jul 07, 09:59 AM
wsupdallas (1)
8 years ago

i love watching the movies but at times i think a movie should be to the point and at times it potrays someones life story.like showing someone in the movies from birth to old age or something.i also think that actors should change hairstyles alittle.they have the same style throught the movie but all in all i love to watch them movies and they are preety good no doubt

4 Aug 07, 02:03 PM
yinka1 (2)
8 years ago

dumb as hell, not all nigerians can stand to see ketchup being paraded as blood. Just take a look at the cover and u know the whole story

4 Aug 07, 05:54 PM
herre (1672)
8 years ago

why do nigerians like to find fault in EVERYTHING...well nigerian movies cannot be compared to hollywood, not cause the producers or actors are "dumb", but because of lack of funds. so please fellow nigerians stop hating and learn to appreciate.

4 Aug 07, 07:16 PM
oge (2)
8 years ago

some 9ja movies re just so dumb and some re ok. they re trying am seeing lots of improvements, some actors and actresses need to quit trying to put on american accent or any other accent, if they can keep it real and unpredictable its goin be cool.

8 Aug 07, 07:24 AM
herre (1672)
8 years ago

have to agree wit dat!

16 Aug 07, 07:29 AM
LadyC (46)
7 years ago

I actually like Nigerian movies.  Even though at times it's hard for me to understand the accents through all the yelling and screaming.   Tongue

31 Aug 07, 06:33 AM
Eshalicious (178)
7 years ago

Im Not A Nigerian Nor Am I A Black
... But I Have Watched Some Nigerian Movies.

I Think To Compare With Hollywood,
Naija Movies Are Way To Better As It Comes With Good Storylines.
It Revolves Around Everyday Life Ex. Love, Family, Money Issues, Black Magic Etc...

@ Like LadyC Mentioned,
I, Myself Too Have Some Problems Understanding The Accent And Ummm Yeah The Shoutings And Screamings Make Me Sick! Hehes.

Keep It Up, Naija!
U Can Do It Put Ur Ass Into It! Wink


1 Sep 07, 06:25 AM
democrazy (1758)
7 years ago

I love Naija movies. The story lines are gr8.
They are better in local dialect, though translations are normally a long way off.

1 Sep 07, 09:33 AM
Vixenx (21365)
7 years ago

I love Naija movies, No complaints here!! Grin

3 Sep 07, 01:17 PM
dazzle77 (13)
7 years ago


4 Sep 07, 07:18 PM
Dguy (4149)
7 years ago

Quote from: dazzle77 on  4 Sep 07, 07:18 PM

lol......nice to see u around, am not sure the movies are that bad sha....small small oo

5 Sep 07, 08:54 AM
odehg (154)
7 years ago

Naija movies sucks! Yes we started well but deviated along the line......there is a dearth of talented actors and wanna be directors!
However the situation is not hopeless as all that is needed for nollywood to wake up is an injection of talented actors and actresses who really have the passion for acting and not for the money....For now it sucks like hell!

5 Sep 07, 08:20 PM
Stan (5)
7 years ago

We'all in one world wif the other countries, so is Nollywood wif Hollywood. but Nierain movies ain't working up to potential at all. Its really locul and ahm..., still can get y they don't edit their movies and do produce upto 13 movies in a day Huh?

19 Sep 07, 06:36 PM
Vixenx (21365)
7 years ago

I think we should really give more props to d Nollywood industry.It may not be as huge as hollywood, but i doubt if it'll ever make it there without our supports..and I think we got d best actors/actresses to make it happen..I personally think genevieve nnaji and ini edo are really making d industry more interesting. Grin Grin Grin and oh yea..omotola too.

21 Sep 07, 02:14 AM
derbi (1810)
5 years ago

nigeria movies are not bad, u dont have to compare it with nolly wood, we have our way and our tradition and this must have to reflect from our movie, and this will always make nolly wood diferent from holly wood, and i think nolly wood also need some fond in order to upgrade the standerd the sound and vision of nolly wood movies...

25 May 10, 05:47 PM
oguejiofor (1375)
5 years ago


29 May 10, 10:59 AM

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