Rooney celebrates birth of son

prinze_abdel (212)
5 years ago

Rooney becomes a father Grin Grin Grin

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney became a father for the first time on Monday, when wife Coleen gave birth to a baby boy.The Rooneys have named their first son Kai Wayne,  Huh? Huh? ???what type of name is this?Huh?

2 Nov 09, 06:14 PM
Toks-E (37196)
5 years ago


2 Nov 09, 07:29 PM
cyril4christ (2056)
5 years ago


2 Nov 09, 08:47 PM
ezecyyyy (942)
5 years ago


3 Nov 09, 08:16 AM
yemmight (304)
5 years ago

I am happy for my boy rooney.  Now you have a baby.  You must behave like a father on the pitch also.

5 Nov 09, 11:10 AM
cyril4christ (2056)
5 years ago


5 Nov 09, 02:47 PM
ademola78 (6500)
5 years ago

K.A.I   W.A.Y.N.E.
Hold on e be like say d name represent something.........
wait make i figure it out....
Anyway, congratulation my boy rooney

6 Nov 09, 03:58 AM
jamiboy (12)
3 years ago

Rooney came from the north research shows that he is from jos plateau state that my own research. Tongue Grin

3 Feb 12, 11:42 AM
emmaforyou (2)
3 years ago

that is my am am happy of you and i think all go according to your wish , and am p randing to be an Manchester unite go on you are the best

19 Feb 12, 12:24 PM

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