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transgender man gets pregnant

transgender man gets pregnant by
Pimpinella (189) on: 19 Jul 08, 09:56 PM (7 years ago)

A transgender man who is six months pregnant said in an interview aired by Oprah Winfrey on Thursday that he always wanted to have a child and considers it a miracle.

“It’s not a male or female desire to have a child. It’s a human desire,” a thinly bearded Thomas Beatie said. “I have a very stable male identity,” he added, saying that pregnancy neither defines him nor makes him feel feminine.

Beatie, 34, who lives in Oregon, was born a woman but decided to become a man 10 years ago. He began taking testosterone treatments and had Bosom  surgery to remove glands and flatten his chest.

what do u say to that? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Reply #1 by
Wan2et (140) on: 19 Jul 08, 10:24 PM (7 years ago)

Woooo, seems this kind of "abnormal" topic is becoming more and more hot in this forum. What do you guys say about this? Maybe this has been always exsiting in Naija, and been brought out now.
Reply #2 by
Vixenx (21152) on: 20 Jul 08, 01:29 AM (7 years ago)

Hope he/she gets a baby girl and names it vixen... Grin

Reply #3 by
philomena87 (5713) on: 20 Jul 08, 12:10 PM (7 years ago)

wat they are doin is just showin tat GOD made a mistake in creatin them tat way... wat will he think or say of them.... well all i can say is tats their choice but its seems stupid..  cos u havent even experienced the gender ure then u went on changin...
Reply #4 by
Vixenx (21152) on: 21 Jul 08, 01:41 AM (7 years ago)

yup......but don't forget to name the baby vixen...

Reply #5 by
myragonza (40164) on: 21 Jul 08, 09:01 AM (7 years ago)

wierd world......humans are going against God these days......

Reply #6 by
philomena87 (5713) on: 21 Jul 08, 02:03 PM (7 years ago)

well i no dey worry cos wen they reach home.. he will flog them wit koboko...lol
Reply #7 by
Vixenx (21152) on: 21 Jul 08, 04:30 PM (7 years ago)

lol..he/she might enjoy that too much oo

Reply #8 by
philomena87 (5713) on: 21 Jul 08, 04:56 PM (7 years ago)

Reply #9 by
myragonza (40164) on: 22 Jul 08, 07:16 AM (7 years ago)

thunder dey fire them....... Shocked

Reply #10 by
ifeyemi5 (446) on: 27 Jul 08, 07:17 AM (7 years ago)

the pregnant man have the baby already,he just gave birth.
Reply #11 by
Dguy (4112) on: 27 Jul 08, 09:08 AM (7 years ago)

do you a any photo evidence? or link?

Reply #12 by
ifeyemi5 (446) on: 27 Jul 08, 01:17 PM (7 years ago)

dont know how to put that up,only know how to unload picture on naijapal,but its not showing it blank or black.
Reply #13 by
Vixenx (21152) on: 27 Jul 08, 03:39 PM (7 years ago)

How was the picture made?

Reply #14 by
Vixenx (21152) on: 27 Jul 08, 03:42 PM (7 years ago)

Quote from: dguy on 27 Jul 08, 09:08 AM
do you a any photo evidence? or link?

This person was born a female and later changed her sex to a male own, but with female hormones and organs still in tact, he/she is still able to give birth...............so thats how it happened. Grin

Reply #15 by
myragonza (40164) on: 28 Jul 08, 07:59 AM (7 years ago)

Quote from: dguy on 27 Jul 08, 09:08 AM
do you a any photo evidence? or link?


Reply #16 by
naijapesin (8) on: 29 Mar 11, 03:48 PM (4 years ago)

nothin pesin no go see
Reply #17 by
MissyBarbie (14980) on: 29 Mar 11, 03:59 PM (4 years ago)

Nothing oooo ma bro
Reply #18 by
judegiven (179) on: 24 May 12, 04:43 AM (3 years ago)

since she has chosen to be a man.how did she got pregnant,won't she go and look for a girl outside,or would she tell me that she did'nt have sex with a man before she got pregnant...............................foolishness

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