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Will you marry a second wife to have a male child? (Page 7)

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Topic: Will you marry a second wife to have a male child? (Page 7) (Read 8477 times)
McBona (4462)
5 years ago

No lo se

12 Dec 09, 07:21 PM
adedupcy (5338)
5 years ago

Quote from: bobbyandy on 11 Dec 09, 06:45 PM
since human beings are always human,and there's limit to human endurance,so,if a man marry new,he should neigther be blamed nor penalised for pounding on wife 1.cos he may have been enduring for so long.
enduring u say,but his d one donating d gender!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Dec 09, 08:14 PM
bobbyandy (11)
5 years ago

everyone should stop saying what they can't do all in the name of sweet mouth.Hardly can any man beard such a risk.

18 Dec 09, 01:18 PM
umide (532)
5 years ago


18 Dec 09, 01:31 PM
sweetrobinb (28)
5 years ago

this is very stupid on the parent's part; the husband's sperm determines the sex of the child.
He can remarry and have a lot more girls, but if she remarries her chances of having a boy are much better.

31 Jan 10, 09:21 PM
Kennee (24070)
5 years ago

l'm not Marrying my Wife for the Sake of Having Children, so why would l do dat?

31 Jan 10, 11:47 PM
mazi (19816)
5 years ago

witout female child....no sister, no gf, no wife nd no mother nd basically no more child breeding....
so if u think hving a male child is more important than a female...think again!
male..female we compliments each other....even if u r gay orientated, be ready to be sleeping wit ur granpa.

1 Feb 10, 12:54 AM
yomi18 (4)
5 years ago

some people are not greatful. some marry again because they hav no children, others prefer females to males but na f up to marry a second wife just because she didnt give you a male child.personally i prefer females(kids) to males.All males should please take note

3 Feb 10, 10:46 AM
queenjacky (485)
5 years ago

Quote from: sera4all on 23 Nov 09, 12:16 PM
no   need  to  ,  just  see  ur  doctor   he  or  she well   tell  u  what   to do  during   sex  ,  and  how  to  get  a  male   son

pls nobody can tell u how to born a male child is not in ours hand only in Gods hand and is good like that so no need to go and see doctor

3 Feb 10, 12:43 PM
Kennee (24070)
5 years ago

But Seriously, when are These Village Mugus gonna Learn dat the Sex of a Child is All in the Hands of the ManHuh?

Learn  Angry

3 Feb 10, 11:57 PM
akjasper (7855)
5 years ago

No way for a second Wife.

4 Feb 10, 12:23 AM
chrissiebee (18845)
5 years ago

mchew. men are dumb.

4 Feb 10, 07:15 AM
Jbabygirl (72)
5 years ago

why marry second wife, wen it is not guranteed that 2nd or more wives will bear male children , wat abt if the extra wives continue bearing female children . "What next"?.

Right now as am writing, there is a case here, a man in my street whose wife gave 6 girls went on to marry a second wife, he pregnated the two wives at thesame time but unfortunately the second wife gave birth to twins all were girls and the first wife gave birth to a set of twins all were boys.  The funniest part is that "sorry to say" is that this man is as wretched as..... he is not capable of taking care of these kids, he is seeking for advice now whether to send the second wife away or not. He is totally helpless cos he has authomatically turn himself and those kids expecially the female grown ups to beggers beforre they could feed. IMAGINE DAT.

Men you pple shd better be careful, stop bringing disgrace to yourselves and families.

Boy or girl, they are all gift from God, God knows the reason he chose a particular gender for you.

4 Feb 10, 12:53 PM
prince316 (1476)
5 years ago

too Bad

4 Feb 10, 02:56 PM
famous5 (1288)
5 years ago

if i love my wife so much i will not try that rubish

4 Feb 10, 04:29 PM
ajanni (97778)
5 years ago

even if you married 10th wifes and not second ,the result may still be the same , thats just the wotk of the mighty GOD , its irresponsible men\women that will puts blames on one another , work of GOD is not just by ability , HE does what HE wants as HE want

4 Feb 10, 04:42 PM
Akpan01 (17991)
5 years ago

this is just show how some1 is blind....the child gendre is depense on the father not the mother yeye

4 Feb 10, 04:45 PM
Kennee (24070)
5 years ago

Quote from: chrissiebee on  4 Feb 10, 07:15 AM
mchew. men are dumb.

Yeah in dis Case yu're right

4 Feb 10, 05:12 PM
Kennee (24070)
5 years ago

Quote from: Akpan01 on  4 Feb 10, 04:45 PM
this is just show how some1 is blind....the child gendre is depense on the father not the mother yeye

No mind Diz Village African Mugu Illiterate men my Dear

4 Feb 10, 05:14 PM
diplomatik (25308)
5 years ago


4 Feb 10, 05:15 PM
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