Church Worker Rapes 11-Yr Old Girl At Vigil

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nametalkam (8440) On
5 years ago

A church worker who allegedly molested an 11-year old girl inside the church during a night vigil has been arrested by the police and charged before the Ejigbo Magistrates’ Court for rape.

The accused, Ameh Joseph, a worker at the Watchman Charismatic Renewal Movement, Igando district, Lagos State, was said to have not only molested the victim at the church premises but also pursued the little girl to her parents’ residence at 8, Sanctuary Street, Akesan and molested her again.

Luck, however, ran out on him at the residence as he was caught and handed over to the policemen at the Igando police station.

Narrating her ordeal to P.M.NEWS, the victim said she was four times, two at the church premises during the night vigil and the others at her parents’ residence.

The sordid act was revealed when the girl started crying because of the pains she suffered during the act. This attracted the attention of a neighbour who went to the apartment to know what was happening.  The neighbour discovered that the victim had been molested and reported the incident to her mother when she returned from the church.  The mother reported the matter at the police station and the accused was arrested. He reportedly confessed molesting the girl  four times.

He was charged before the Ejigbo Magistrates’ Court for rape, an offence punishable under Section 218 of the Criminal Code, Cap.17, Vol. 2, Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2003.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was granted bail in the sum of N100,000 and two responsible sureties.

The magistrate, Mrs. Maimunat Folami ordered that one of the sureties must be a blood brother and must show evidence of means of livelihood, including payment of tax.

The matter has been adjourned till 14 December, 2009 for definite trial while the defendant was ordered to be remanded in prison custody because he could not meet the bail conditions.

24 Nov 09, 03:45 PM
Mr-World (4537)
5 years ago


24 Nov 09, 03:55 PM
handsomeemmy1 (1286)
5 years ago

Christianity in crisis, God help us.

24 Nov 09, 04:51 PM
mazi (19749)
5 years ago

wot thou soweth!...thou shall reap...
law of karma!

24 Nov 09, 04:53 PM
Mr-World (4537)
5 years ago


24 Nov 09, 04:53 PM
patienceudosen (798)
5 years ago


24 Nov 09, 04:57 PM
Akpan01 (17897)
5 years ago


24 Nov 09, 04:58 PM
emmy_u (11)
5 years ago, una no go live wetin dey for under bah, na for inside church againe eeeee, na conji dey hold the man, he is lucky say na 9ja e happen, if it is abroad, broda na n'ga nkporoka

24 Nov 09, 05:00 PM
MrDon (4826)
5 years ago

house of God and molesting ground,

24 Nov 09, 05:01 PM
HOPEA23 (22239)
5 years ago

a yea

24 Nov 09, 05:02 PM
Mr-World (4537)
5 years ago


24 Nov 09, 05:05 PM
dollar22 (987)
5 years ago

abi na the same story na

24 Nov 09, 08:24 PM
derbi (1810)
5 years ago

i dont believe this is true, is not true if he really did it why must they grant him bail, na lie or is there any link to conferm this post, he no dey apen for monq na for church who na too see christian finish, God have mercy.

24 Nov 09, 08:26 PM
fireman (21201)
5 years ago

dis is really sick

24 Nov 09, 09:58 PM
donaldagbata (90)
5 years ago

4naij here,pple be careful of who you call your friend could be a wolf in sheep clothing. Shocked

24 Nov 09, 10:54 PM
Aborigine (73)
5 years ago

let s think b4 we judge,rape a gurl of 11 yrs 4 times in a day?,she has the strenght to bear it all,despite she later cried to neighours,let s be frank

24 Nov 09, 11:02 PM
5 years ago

if dis is true den wat dat guy deserves is a slow painful death n i mean it wiv every word. dey shld jus start by castrating him n slowly chopping his limbs off, den over 2 his ears, dice 'em off, n pluck out his eyes n burn him slowly...mtchewww...effin pervert

24 Nov 09, 11:06 PM
ceejay58 (8422)
5 years ago

take this

24 Nov 09, 11:16 PM
Mr-World (4537)
5 years ago


24 Nov 09, 11:23 PM
wizdum (272)
5 years ago

Guy make sure say no be lie u dey throw into NP because if na lie,u get ur own judgement.Hw person go rape girl for inside church finish,still follow her go her house still go rape her?

24 Nov 09, 11:26 PM

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