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Nigerian actresses are overated

Topic: Nigerian actresses are overated (Read 1458 times)
Dguy (4183)
6 years ago

do you guys think actresses like Genevieve have being overated? especially considering new talents and their male counterparts too.

2 Aug 08, 06:51 PM
khadijah (2870)
6 years ago

i simply think they can do better...

3 Aug 08, 12:57 AM
ifeyemi5 (456)
6 years ago

yes i think they should give other actresses a try too,to know who is more talented.damn she makes twice much as a lot of them.

14 Oct 08, 09:14 AM
olivgirl (136)
2 years ago

 Huh? Huh? Huh?

5 Feb 12, 10:33 PM

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