Gulder ultimate search 5 winner (not a female)

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Dguy (4149)
7 years ago

At the beginning of the year, if anybody had told Michael Nwachukwu that he would become a millionaire in 2008, he might have dismissed it as a dream.

Michael Nwachukwu

But the twenty-six-year-old Nwachukwu, last night, became a millionaire. The young man is smiling home with N7 million after emerging the winner of the fifth edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search TV reality show.

Not many had reckoned he would be the last man standing as numerous observers had tipped Frank Adamu for the crown on account of the confidence he radiated.

In fact, Frank was the first man to get to the treasure, but in what appears to be a recurring trend in all editions of the GUS where the first man to get to the treasure never finds it, Michael beat Frank to find the “Lost Chronicle”.

In the gruelling search, the cool, calm and calculating six feet, seven inches tall Michael came from behind to pick the much sought item hidden in the bowels of Agwu Hills

And now, as the last man standing, Michael will exchange the treasure for N7 million, a brand new SUV and a N500,000 wardrobe allowance. Michael joins the past winners - Ezeugo Egwuagu, Lucan Chambalis, Hector Jobarteh and Dominic Mudabai – to become an ultimate man.

9 Aug 08, 09:23 PM
donny (2)
7 years ago

dts great,
 i always want Michael to win and Linda the last woman standing.i like dt.

9 Aug 08, 11:11 PM
tecoma (28)
7 years ago

am so hapi mike won, i neva wanted frank becos he was over confident and mike was very smart and calculative

9 Aug 08, 11:36 PM
legazy (5)
7 years ago

Pls dont cretisis d looser of d game,every body has its own luck,i realy thank God 4 d winner.

9 Aug 08, 11:48 PM
tecoma (28)
7 years ago

am nt critizing frank it was a game of luck

10 Aug 08, 12:18 AM
olapeter (35)
7 years ago

AM sure very soon it will b the turn of a Lady to be the Ultimate Man.

10 Aug 08, 12:52 AM
Dguy (4149)
7 years ago

did you say lady? - i'll forgive you cause youre wearing a suit.

10 Aug 08, 12:54 AM
delivingtiger1 (8)
7 years ago

Great !!!!!!! I am really Happy for Nwachukwu for bringing smile back on the fathers face after selling his only house in Aguda.

10 Aug 08, 01:21 AM
Dguy (4149)
7 years ago

Quote from: delivingtiger1 on 10 Aug 08, 01:21 AM
Great !!!!!!! I am really Happy for Nwachukwu for bringing smile back on the fathers face after selling his only house in Aguda.

source please

10 Aug 08, 01:41 AM
Richiemontana (1250)
7 years ago

WOW! my joy knows no bounds knowing dat Michael won d ultimate prize
....i really like dat guy cos he's so cool and very analytical.

U know, i had imagined if Frank Adamu were to win....boy!
....d road won't contain him and anoda person o!

10 Aug 08, 02:08 AM
seyismart1 (3)
7 years ago

i was very happy day micheal won and liinda is ok been d last woman standin ok for me and last two people standing i wuld av luv it to be micheal and linda becos frank shout too much... the show is very interesting

10 Aug 08, 03:15 AM
sweetluv (2)
7 years ago

Its the Lord's doing it is marvellous in our eyes, whoever wins is the the winner, so lets dine and wine with them and not criticise the other because its not to him that wills or him that runs but God that shows mercy.

10 Aug 08, 12:48 PM
007sdada (1)
7 years ago

i always want micheal to win, and he won.. cool

10 Aug 08, 01:54 PM
lizzmi (5)
7 years ago

good l always want mick to win and linda the last woman but l belive the next one will be win by a woman

10 Aug 08, 02:19 PM
GAMS (1)
7 years ago

Yap, even though i would hav wanted Frank to win,but God knws best y Mike did.Wat eve,congrats to Mike Cool

10 Aug 08, 02:46 PM
xclusive (1)
7 years ago

I sure knew it from the begining that micheal will be the ultimate man,he is cool headed and calculative,not like frank adamu who is so forward and too confident of himself not knowing that there lies a force up there that controls mankind.he was there first but he never found the lost chronicle,finally it would be unfortunate if he did cos he would loved to create his own world out of what we have today......Big Ups mich.

10 Aug 08, 06:37 PM
Vandrome (1)
7 years ago

D search turned out just how I wished it to...cldn't have loved to see Frank win-dat guy was too loud for my liking.
Mike is d man-with humility and intelligence he is d man.
I drank some bottles of Gulder just to celebrate d guy's victory...but guy, y gulder dey always knack person for head?
Anywayz...Mike congats Bro! U deserve the crown!

10 Aug 08, 06:51 PM
kelecho (2)
7 years ago

that is them what about u

10 Aug 08, 09:07 PM
Dguy (4149)
7 years ago

@kelecho well we arnt searching for any special treasure :Roll Eyes

10 Aug 08, 09:37 PM
roughcoin (3)
7 years ago

i am sorry happy 4 michael bcos i wanted him 2 b d winner of gus5 Cool

10 Aug 08, 09:44 PM

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