St. Janet’s CD Banned

at 20 Feb 10, 09:03 AM (7 years ago)
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Lewd singer, St. Janet, is now in fresh trouble as the body responsible for music promotion in Nigeria, Music Advertising Association of Nigeria (MAAN), has placed a ban on her album.

Speaking with P.M. Entertainment, the National President of MAAN, Alhaji Waheed Oyediran, said that the association decided to place a ban on the singer’s work because of the lyrical content of her live audio CD which the association considered immoral.

Oyediran said that the association has instructed all its members to ensure strict compliance with the new directive, adding that a task force has been constituted and empowered to arrest any member who advertises or plays the work.

While accusing the CEO of Galaxy Music, Ahmed Adepoju, of aiding Shina Ayo Oyinlola, the artiste’s promoter, to sell the CD, the MAAN president said: “We discovered that Galaxy is responsible for the distribution of the work titled Faaji Series. We called him to a meeting and warned him and the promoter to stop the distribution, but instead of stopping it, they began an underground distribution of the offensive work.”

The MAAN president, however, promised to do everything within his capacity to ensure that the record is taken out of circulation, saying, “no matter what it will cost us, our association should set a good example not to encourage bad music.”

Earlier, President of PMAN, Admiral Dele Abiodun had placed a ban on the offensive work, while the unrepentant St. Janet said her music is not for kids but adults and that her  greatest critics are her fans.

Since she released the controversial music, she has been derided by right thinking members of the public. Some have even gone to the extent of calling her the Jezebel of this generation.

morgrawl231 at 2 Apr 16, 08:23 PM (11 months ago)
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zezprincess at 2 Apr 16, 11:54 PM (11 months ago)
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I wan see the CD first.
Nottingham at 3 Apr 16, 02:49 AM (11 months ago)
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Nobody knows the truth

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