Pope's apology for Irish sex abuse (Page 3)

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Toks-E (37195)
5 years ago

Quote from: Bazemaster on 27 Mar 10, 07:08 PM
Quote from: Toks-E on 27 Mar 10, 02:00 AM
Quote from: Bazemaster on 27 Mar 10, 12:17 AM
Everybody has been given tongue for talking, but i drop this 'watch what you say on a congregation supported by God'

did u say, supported by God?..According to the bible , God is holy and he is not evil.

maybe the next evil doing religion that will come out, will always be supported by God too, shey?

listen, in every gathering there will be the good guy and the bad guy(s). For example, judas is the bad guy among the disciples of Jesus and that does not ruin the whole disciple, so you should be focussed on the main person who misbehaved and not on the whole congregation. 'catholic is not evil!'

wat are u even talking abt?..None of the disciples were christians before the death of Christ. So spiritual death was in all, which made them sin.
After the death of Christ, different people decided to look at christianity, any way they prefered.
And what will you say, about a congregation that does evil, in disguise of Christianity?
Christianity, is not a religion. Its having the nature of God in your spirit, after being baptised and delivered from the hands of evil. Since God/Jesus/Holy Spirit have no particle of sin in them, whoever has a sin, is definetly not a christian, no matter what ever denomination he/she worships.

28 Mar 10, 02:31 AM
antedonald (2)
5 years ago

They are human but they were not forced on the job!

28 Mar 10, 09:55 AM
fabmic (1348)
5 years ago

eh he?

28 Mar 10, 10:12 AM
megafather1 (5989)
5 years ago

moving Cool

28 Mar 10, 11:59 AM
ajanni (97856)
5 years ago

apology means acknowledgements of gilty , only GOD can jugde the so called men of GOD

28 Mar 10, 03:40 PM
megafather1 (5989)
5 years ago


28 Mar 10, 03:45 PM
fabmic (1348)
5 years ago

what a shame

29 Mar 10, 10:05 AM
petfrank (2)
5 years ago

Oh my God!!!! May God punish those Priest who used their saintly positions negatively....  :'(

31 Mar 10, 08:44 AM

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