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Kano: Boy, 11, stabs mother to death

Topic: Kano: Boy, 11, stabs mother to death (Read 2059 times)
Sheenor (14748)
4 years ago

The police have arrested an 11-year-old boy who stabbed his mother to death in Rijiyar Lemo, Kano State.

It was learnt that the deceased, Yaya, was scolding her son, Usman, for stealing when he killed her. The lad, who came home with a pair of sunglasses, which he allegedly got from their neighbours, pounced on his mother for daring to ask him where he got it from.

According to eyewitness reports, when Yaya saw her child with the item that did not belong to him, she threatened to kill him with a knife should he continue to bring home strange objects which he does not own.

Unfortunately, Usman did not take his mother's threats lightly as he grabbed the knife from her hand and stabbed her.

Usman's younger sister, Nafisa, who was at the scene of the incident said that her brother first stabbed their mother in the hand, then her stomach and later stuck the knife in her eye.

In his response to enquiries on the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Kano State Police Command, Mr. Baba Mohammed, said that after the ugly incident, Yaya reported to the police, alleging that their mother had been murdered by his brother.

12 Apr 10, 12:49 AM
Sheenor (14748)
4 years ago

wht's diz life turning to??? imagine 11 years old boy stabs mother to death damn datz horrific......

12 Apr 10, 12:53 AM
sabiti (1132)
4 years ago

d guy na yan kaura

12 Apr 10, 09:58 AM
negro4love (13)
3 years ago


6 Feb 12, 03:29 PM
Senegal (10392)
3 years ago

Aboki and their lifestyle

19 Feb 12, 10:48 AM
dickman2 (33639)
2 years ago

this people self nawa for them..

20 Jul 12, 11:52 PM
chicco77 (22660)
2 years ago

 Shocked Shocked Shocked

28 Aug 12, 12:02 PM

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