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Which do you prefer....? (hard game)

Which do you prefer....? (hard game) on: 29 Aug 10, 03:38 AM (5 years ago) by
born_to_win (318 | Upcoming)

The previous person would ask you to choose between two things and you'll ahve to pick one.
You can't say NEITHER or BOTH, you MUST pick only ONE!!

Maybe theres already a game like this, i dunno but i'll start:

Which do u prefer; to die in lava or in a snow storm?
Reply #1 on: 29 Aug 10, 01:34 PM (5 years ago) by
youngk (622 | Upcoming)


which u prefer; win a million or take a Hammer jeep?
Reply #2 on: 29 Aug 10, 05:56 PM (5 years ago) by
born_to_win (318 | Upcoming)

you can't say neither!!
million dollars

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