princemech (7106)
4 years ago

we all knew all committed and married person dont have a right to fall in love again to another person. but sometimes their partner not showing what they expected. they found LOVE and importance to another..even they do not wanted fall in love.. its like a plants growing everyday.

1. is it possible for committed person to fall to another?

2. do you think the committed is unfaithful if she or he falls to another.

share your views  Smiley

15 Sep 10, 01:24 PM
blessedme (9767)
4 years ago

very possible for the committed to fall for another

15 Sep 10, 01:30 PM
bittersweet (14359)
4 years ago

If they are REALLY committed, they should not, but.....life shows us another thing!

15 Sep 10, 01:34 PM

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