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Man Attempts To Strangle Barren Wife

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Man Attempts To Strangle Barren Wife by
donuche (1780) on: 24 Sep 10, 02:44 PM (5 years ago)

A man, Joseph Adewoye, 54, has been charged to Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court for allegedly  attempting to kill his barren wife, Olubukola to take her property.

Joseph allegedly held Olubukola by the neck to strangle her because she was barren and  wanted to take her property.
The incident happened at Block 35, Flat 2, Jakande Estate, Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria where  they resided before the man allegedly abandoned her.
P.M.NEWS gathered that the couple had been in a running battle because the woman could  not bear a child for over 10 years they have been married.
It got to a stage, according to Olubukola, her husband, Joseph abandoned her and started  living in elsewhere while she remained in the flat because she was the person that bought  it.
On the day the incident happened, the embittered woman told P.M.NEWS that she was in the  house at about 11 a.m when he allegedly sneaked into the flat after leaving the place for  a year.
She said that he came to her and held her neck to strangle her, but she managed to raise  an alarm.
The neighbours had to come and rescue her before she went to the police station and  reported the incident.
However, the man denied the allegtion. He said he only went to the house to take away his  property but the woman did not allow him to do so.
He was arrested and after investigation, the police charged him to court for the alleged  offence.
The charge reads: “That you, the defendant, on the same date, time and place, did attempt  to strangle the victim and threatened to kill her.”
The offence, the police said, was contrary to sections 86 and 351 of the Criminal Code  Cap 38 Vol. 2 Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2004.
He pleaded not guilty to the charge and the magistrate, Mrs. S.O. Solebo, granted him  bail in the sum of N100,000 with one responsible surety.
The matter has been adjourned till 18 October, 2010 for trial.
Reply #1 by
dollar22 (1029) on: 24 Sep 10, 03:42 PM (5 years ago)

http://[table][tr][td]MAN NO BE GOD[/table]
Reply #2 by
Agatex (1459) on: 24 Sep 10, 03:48 PM (5 years ago)

who grant that man bail?
Reply #3 by
bafyguy (1035) on: 24 Sep 10, 04:09 PM (5 years ago)

Why granting him bail? he should be kept in jail
Reply #4 by
divineproject (12754) on: 24 Sep 10, 04:36 PM (5 years ago)

Did he check himself to know if he wasnt the reason for the 10yrs barrenness?

Reply #5 by
princedafe (3255) on: 24 Sep 10, 04:51 PM (5 years ago)

Reply #6 by
do4sure (1184) on: 24 Sep 10, 05:00 PM (5 years ago)

Reply #7 by
Pepesy (2696) on: 24 Sep 10, 07:11 PM (5 years ago)

dat man must be senseless. Dnt be surprise dat d fault wz frm him.
Reply #8 by
ssstacy (2) on: 24 Sep 10, 09:54 PM (5 years ago)

thats crazily insane of the man..the world is changing,a man wants 2 kill his wife coz of her property..God help us
Reply #9 by
Librabilex (538) on: 24 Sep 10, 10:55 PM (5 years ago)

useless man
Reply #10 by
NaijaGal_USA (63) on: 24 Sep 10, 11:00 PM (5 years ago)

... What kinda world do we live in... smh
Reply #11 by
serababy (599) on: 25 Sep 10, 12:52 AM (5 years ago)

old fool
Reply #12 by
mydicksweet (7686) on: 25 Sep 10, 05:46 AM (5 years ago)

Are u asking me?
Reply #13 by
kayfem (356) on: 25 Sep 10, 07:05 AM (5 years ago)

May God forgive una
Reply #14 by
ajanni (97683) on: 25 Sep 10, 07:18 AM (5 years ago)

so lucky woman
Reply #15 by
ajanni (97683) on: 25 Sep 10, 07:19 AM (5 years ago)

Quote from: divineproject on 24 Sep 10, 04:36 PM
Did he check himself to know if he wasnt the reason for the 10yrs barrenness?

maybe yes maybe no
Reply #16 by
Ayobamy (208) on: 25 Sep 10, 09:52 AM (5 years ago)

senseless idiot
Reply #17 by
moniconyez (15456) on: 25 Sep 10, 10:09 AM (5 years ago)

Quote from: ssstacy on 24 Sep 10, 09:54 PM
thats crazily insane of the man..the world is changing,a man wants 2 kill his wife coz of her property..God help us

Oh yeah, Thats a crazy MAN. and senseless fool, But make him check him sef abt the barren too na.
Reply #18 by
esoo (475) on: 25 Sep 10, 11:04 AM (5 years ago)

are sure that he will not jump bail?
Reply #19 by
Teejay2 (202) on: 25 Sep 10, 11:53 AM (5 years ago)

Stupid man,thank God he was not able to accomplish his mission
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