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Who would win the champions league

Topic: Who would win the champions league (Read 1052 times)
segxi (4232)
6 years ago

Who do you think would win the champoions league personally I believe it is Barcelona. So who do you think it is

22 Oct 08, 08:48 PM
ekeminiasaka (1)
6 years ago

 Wink i think Chelsea are winning the champion league this time.

5 Nov 08, 01:36 PM
flo01 (2)
6 years ago

i think inter milan will win cos they have the best coach and good quality players..so i give it to them and my former coach in chelsea pop morinho..cos is the best...

7 Nov 08, 06:35 PM
petmanuel4loura (646)
3 years ago

man utd

27 Jan 12, 08:13 AM

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