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New Nigeria coach Samson Siasia advises Jon Obi Mikel to quit chelsea..

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New Nigeria coach Samson Siasia advises Jon Obi Mikel to quit chelsea.. by
kayfem (356) on: 10 Nov 10, 09:05 AM (5 years ago)

                                                   The tactician claims Blues have destroyed his offensive instincts
The newly appointed Nigeria coach, Samson Siasia, has slammed Premier League champions Chelsea for destroying the attacking instincts of midfielder Jon Obi Mikel.
Five years ago, the now 23-year-old Mikel was considered as the second best player at the Under-20 World Cup behind Barcelona linchpin Lionel Messi.
But according to Siasia, Mikel, who is expected to play a big role in the Super Eagles African Nations Cup qualifying campaign, has lost most of his offensive instincts
"The system in Chelsea actually destroyed Mikel's game. Mikel is an offensive player, but when he moved to Chelsea, they changed him because they had a better player offensive wise like Frank Lampard who can score goals," Siasia said.
"I don't think he is playing in his natural position because we all saw what Mikel played in 2005 and everybody loved him for what he did, he can keep the ball and create chances for the strikers to score goals.
"That was why Chelsea actually gave him a contract, but getting there they had two top players, Lampard and Michael Ballack.
"Lampard scores goals and so what (Jose) Mourinho did was to bring Mikel back because how many goals has Mikel scored? He brought him back so that Lampard and Ballack played offensive.
Siasia said for Mikel to get his swagger back, he needs to go forward more often
"Mikel is a fantastic player, but if you want to be a great player, you have to take risks, do something extra," said the new Eagles coach.
"As a defensive midfielder, you do not have to do much; you just win the ball and pass to the other player. The offensive player takes on more responsibilities.
"(Michael) Essien scores goals from defensive positions, why can't Mikel take the kind of chances that Essien takes? If you don't shoot, you will never score.
"You keep passing those short balls, but sometimes you need to take a little bit of risk. That is what is missing in Mikel's game."
The Nigeria coach advised Mikel to quit Stamford Bridge if it would be impossible for him to be a great deal more offensive.
"He has to start playing more offensive to become the Mikel we knew. But if it would be difficult to change the way he is playing, he has to move to another club," Siasia said.
Reply #1 by
odiono (417) on: 20 Nov 10, 12:03 AM (5 years ago)

Reply #2 by
4kasibe247 (1545) on: 20 Nov 10, 12:10 AM (5 years ago)

true talk...lets see d outcome of ds advice  Cool
Reply #3 by
sammyleecuc (1384) on: 20 Nov 10, 07:34 PM (5 years ago)

I guess he wouldnt heed to the adice but to say the truth he just has to leave chelsea and be the great player he his
Reply #4 by
AlphaOscar (850) on: 30 Nov 10, 03:44 PM (5 years ago)

That's just the bitter truth. I mean look at the distance between Mikel and Mercy now. It's saddening.
Reply #5 by
sammyleecuc (1384) on: 1 Dec 10, 12:37 AM (5 years ago)

Please messi is in a class of his own,but Mikel should just work out of Chelsea for Good
Reply #6 by
kinkino (2725) on: 1 Dec 10, 11:24 AM (5 years ago)

dont think mikel will hid to dat advise...is lik wht he needs most is his pride...not name

Reply #7 by
sammyleecuc (1384) on: 1 Dec 10, 08:53 PM (5 years ago)

Good for him if he listen
Reply #8 by
atamajim (1558) on: 2 Dec 10, 01:26 PM (5 years ago)

Thats not my problem
Reply #9 by
sammyleecuc (1384) on: 2 Dec 10, 09:20 PM (5 years ago)

United faithful wishing he stays at united lol
Reply #10 by
atamajim (1558) on: 3 Dec 10, 01:14 PM (5 years ago)

what for? we have one of  the best Midfield in the whole soccer world, there's no space for him @ Old Traford
Reply #11 by
sammyleecuc (1384) on: 3 Dec 10, 07:24 PM (5 years ago)

and who's the best midfielder in United?the only midfield player i can call on any day is Darren Fletcher and Nani thats all nad nani does play as a winger and supports the attack always so u can only call on Fletcher alone
Reply #12 by
atamajim (1558) on: 4 Dec 10, 02:26 PM (5 years ago)

Apostle Scholes hehehehehehe, non like him in the whole world of round leather game
Reply #13 by
sammyleecuc (1384) on: 4 Dec 10, 06:15 PM (5 years ago)

hahahahaa that was Scholes of 5 years ago and not this one
Reply #14 by
Freesmile (803) on: 4 Dec 10, 06:45 PM (5 years ago)

Well said coach
Reply #15 by
sammyleecuc (1384) on: 4 Dec 10, 08:24 PM (5 years ago)

Reply #16 by
blesseduc4real (23) on: 5 Dec 10, 10:46 AM (5 years ago)

i really surport that, let mikeal leave chelsea, i beleive he still has future and he can play more than that, he is a good player which every body know
Reply #17 by
atamajim (1558) on: 6 Dec 10, 02:04 PM (5 years ago)

Quote from: sammyleecuc on  4 Dec 10, 06:15 PM
hahahahaa that was Scholes of 5 years ago and not this one

 he is still the best  midfielder in EPL, if not him then who? you can see that in man u's unbeaten run this season, lets face fact Sammy
Reply #18 by
sammyleecuc (1384) on: 6 Dec 10, 09:10 PM (5 years ago)

that was scholes of 5 years,hes no were near that anymore,if hes the best how come he's not playing that much?
Reply #19 by
johnnjasi (93) on: 7 Dec 10, 12:59 AM (5 years ago)

Quote from: odiono on 20 Nov 10, 12:03 AM

Look at you!!! Man u would have paid him more than this... tell me one african player that have survive in that your so call man u??? it would have been worst if he have gone to man u....were is quintyn furtune of south africa, were is Jemba Jemba of cameroon. which club were there able to play as soon as there left man u. no better club made them any offer cuz there carrier was gone in man u. Abeg make you leave my man make him enjoy ehm stay for stamford bridge, thats the best place for him now.
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