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Man impregnates 14-year-old daughter

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Topic: Man impregnates 14-year-old daughter (Read 12122 times)
nametalkam (7142)
4 years ago

A 50 year old man Yesiru Onajobi is in the police custody for allegedly defiling his 14 years old daughter.

The incident happened at Bogije community in Ibeju Lekki Local government council of the State. The incest has produced a seven day old baby. The victim, Kehinde Onajobi is a JSS1 student and said her father threatened to kill her if she revealed their love relationship to anybody.

The incest came to public notice when the villagers discovered that Mr. Onajobi is fathering a child from his own daughter. They raised alarm over the incest and Mr. Onajobi was ostracised from the village.

Mr Onajobi ran to the Elemoro police station on November 11th to report the incident and he was subsequently arrested by the police for alleged defilement of his daughter.

On Monday, the police paraded Mr. Onajobi and he confessed to have defiled his daughter. He however said his daughter lured him to have sex with her.

"I want to let people know that my daughter is not a virgin, she seduced me.She was fond of sleeping naked in my bed , she has a twin brother, I have been taking care of both of them since my wife died four years ago . I only slept with her once, she has always been wayward even before my wife died. ." He said.

He also narrated how he eventually slept with his daughter and how he was ostracised in the community "One day, she told me she was sick ,and I took her to the hospital , where it was known to us that she was pregnant , afterwards my in-laws came to take her to Lagos, it was after she put to bed that she came to accuse me that I am the father of the baby.

The villagers came around to tell me of my atrocity of sleeping with my daughter , and afterwards they ostracised me from the village , they said if I refuse to leave town , they will arrest me" Mr. Onajobi, a farmer said.

Miss Onajobi said her father was the man that disvirgined her and she had lost count of the number of times he had slept with her.

" Immediately my mum died, I stayed back with my dad, it didn't take long that he started having sex with me , when I told him I have missed my period , he only continued in sleeping with me . He threatened me several times not to tell anyone of his wicked act.I gave birth on Wednesday but I don't want this child, I need the government to take care of the baby so I can go back to school''. Miss Onajobi said.

The police spokesman, Samuel Jinadu, a deputy superintendent of police said the suspect will soon be charged to court."The command is deeply concerned about this immoral act by a father who defiled his own daughter and put her in the family way. Lagosians are advised to be morally upright and they should not take the law into their hands. The man will be charged to court for defilement and the girl and her baby will be taken to the police welfare house at Alakara (Mushin) for proper care. Meanwhile, we call on other private organisations to come to the aid of the girl, we will be contacting some of them for their assistance" Mr. Jinadu said.

16 Nov 10, 12:00 PM
divineproject (12768)
4 years ago

Whose account shall we believe?..............anyway am tired of these cases of rape, especially incest!

16 Nov 10, 12:14 PM
chibaby2ky4moon (13)
4 years ago

Tufiakwa! ! !, abominaxn

16 Nov 10, 12:21 PM
solid_solid (6109)
4 years ago

passing ... this guy always post this kind of topic

16 Nov 10, 12:24 PM
chizysimple (55)
4 years ago

This World is coming to an end!

16 Nov 10, 12:33 PM
saffronglory (447)
4 years ago


16 Nov 10, 12:36 PM
uprising (684)
4 years ago


16 Nov 10, 01:02 PM
SNYPER (1781)
4 years ago

Hmmm! so disappointing,even d gurl waz afraid 2die all dis while, hw r 'm i sure she's not enjoyed it. May God 4giv both of em.

16 Nov 10, 01:20 PM
serababy (601)
4 years ago

the lil girl is a fool , why most she keep the baby ....

when father and daughter were doing it i want nt there so u guys should carry ur cross...............

16 Nov 10, 01:28 PM
ajanni (97809)
4 years ago

shameless , senseless and useless father

16 Nov 10, 01:42 PM
seungbadebo (133)
4 years ago

wonders shall never end!!. wat is d world turning into? how can a father have d effontery and d audacity to say in public that his own daughter "seduced" him. am sure madness runs in such family. does that means fathers n daughters cant sleep on the same bed?Huh? total sacrilage

16 Nov 10, 01:54 PM
Teeteeylaryor (4225)
4 years ago

too bad.......why is this such shameless act is now rampant nowadays

16 Nov 10, 02:06 PM
japhethjeff (269)
4 years ago

not a new thing

16 Nov 10, 02:09 PM
lanudja (9038)
4 years ago

This kai gist don dey 2 much for this site now. This making it the third time am reading this kind of rubish here.

16 Nov 10, 02:19 PM
LEONE (823)
4 years ago

Another ''EWU'' of a father.

16 Nov 10, 02:30 PM
didyekanem (35)
4 years ago

the end is near

16 Nov 10, 02:33 PM
spaco98 (130)
4 years ago

Poverty+Senseless+Illiterate=Stupidity Act

16 Nov 10, 02:40 PM
heavenlyblues (27)
4 years ago

grroooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssssss what is wrong with this old men and teenage daughters....they r ill.

16 Nov 10, 03:07 PM
teganow1 (2)
4 years ago

wonder shall never end.abomination.oghene biko

16 Nov 10, 03:15 PM
Adikpe (4148)
4 years ago

Quote from: divineproject on 16 Nov 10, 12:14 PM
Whose account shall we believe?..............anyway am tired of these cases of rape, especially incest!

.....the girl's account since the father admitted sleeping
with her once.

Baby girl, you are looking nice!

16 Nov 10, 04:00 PM
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