Pictures of Dbanj and Genevieve at Psquare's Birthday Party (Page 5)

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xena15 (6256)
4 years ago


22 Nov 10, 02:17 PM
kayfem (357)
4 years ago

Whats your own there now

22 Nov 10, 02:20 PM
tambeiort (389)
4 years ago

what is my business about this ?

22 Nov 10, 02:54 PM
Raginastone (40)
4 years ago

i pray it leads to marriage,may God ur creator direct ur path.

22 Nov 10, 03:17 PM
adebukholar (3)
4 years ago

dbanj it's gud wat a gud relationship......................

22 Nov 10, 04:57 PM
herdeysohjy (3194)
4 years ago

thumbs up

22 Nov 10, 05:41 PM
donuche (1777)
4 years ago

Quote from: ElSabio on 19 Nov 10, 12:31 PM
In the name of no photoshop, she no too fine for these pics...

-El Sabio-

then u are a paparazzi for doing that.

23 Nov 10, 02:43 AM
donuche (1777)
4 years ago

Quote from: cyntebaby on 19 Nov 10, 04:09 PM
:'(  ::)With GOD by dere side de will make it.

for naija everything we must involve GOD inside abi?. ok now.

23 Nov 10, 02:47 AM
ufuospat (4)
4 years ago

 Wink Wink Wink Wish them the best.

23 Nov 10, 11:56 AM
giftmurphy (17230)
4 years ago

Quote from: ElSabio on 19 Nov 10, 01:03 PM
na so, for real
but she be fine diva shaa, can't take that away from her.

actually I go use her bath water cook egusi soup...who wan' try?

-El Sabio-
nawa 4 u o,e don reach like dat

21 Dec 10, 01:14 AM
happylala (19)
4 years ago

I Pray This Leads To Marriage.But With Her High Profile,Can She pipe low For D.Banj.Wish them The Best Any Way.

21 Dec 10, 08:39 AM
agunbicrown (3)
4 years ago

Whaoooo, let wait & see what come out of it. C yeahhhhhh

21 Dec 10, 01:30 PM
belindajustins (1701)
4 years ago

they actually look good together

21 Dec 10, 09:40 PM
FinlandGuy (7450)
4 years ago

Tell me now wetin she dey pretend for? Is Koko master no be fine boy or rich or famous like her? Abi she want those Sugar dady wey she dey carry?

After they go say husband no gree come,thats why they are single,she don dey old self.But i doubt this relationship,i know say koko master no serious with am,he want just enter her place and comot.

22 Dec 10, 04:36 AM
abbeyy74 (1401)
4 years ago

Quote from: giwuagwu on 20 Nov 10, 04:52 PM
Quote from: nametalkam on 19 Nov 10, 12:07 PM

They even came to the party together, just saying

But 411 said:

Its confirmed yo!!!!

Ya'll know Dban'j has been toasting Genevieve for a while now and she has bin headstrong and even went on an Interview to say Dbanj is not her type of man...but Dbanj didnt back down.

We can exclusively & Authoritatively report that Dban'j and Genevieve are ofiicially engaged in a relationship!!!
Genevieve has finally given in to Dban'j's persistence even though she does not want it to be public yet, She insists that the relationship should be low key for now but D'banj wants to tell it to the world.
They Both came in together last nite at PSQUARE'S birthday bash and they were all over each other...Genevieve apparently didnt want any pictures taken...but we stole some shots...
More on this hot gist later

dis is no2 nice and clear enough, may be  some video clips could have been be2er 

22 Dec 10, 08:00 AM
MissyBarbie (14989)
4 years ago

Amebo make una leave dem alone na

22 Dec 10, 09:35 AM
Wasdick (97)
4 years ago

That is their own prob

22 Dec 10, 09:39 AM
mcena (168)
4 years ago

if there's true love, it's a perfect MATCH!

22 Dec 10, 09:50 AM
lafaze (88)
4 years ago

genevieve am f*****kin disaponted in u if dis is true.

22 Dec 10, 11:01 AM
kingeazeey (5)
4 years ago

good vfor the both of dem

22 Dec 10, 11:40 AM

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