Why do men wear black suit on their wedding day?

Why do men wear black suit on their wedding day? on: 20 Nov 10, 01:36 PM (5 years ago) by: (239 | Upcoming)
i attended a wedding of a friend of mine one day
i looked @ d couple and how they were gorgeously dressed in their wedding attire
i then asked some one beside me
"do u have an idea why brides' wedding dresses are always on WHITE?
"well because it is the best day of their entire lives" he replied
hmm with a thought about it in my mind i finally asked.

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Reply #1 on: 2 Aug 12, 05:15 AM (4 years ago) by: aeco (10 | Newbie)
Black suit is most conventional for me. Spice with accessories like neat knot ties, jacket, mufflers, good shirt with good collars etc At least t will fall in place for any other occasion you wear it to. Next choice is deep/dark blue. However every male wardrobe should have at least a suit of black. Next popular choice is deep/dark blue, followed by ash or carton color. On the funny side, my client said men were black suit to show suffering. On his weeding day he made a white suit( sorry cream). It was still cool as the wife wore  a cream gown. Just involve the professional and come out trendy. www.m28events.com

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