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Adebayor moves from man city to real madrid

Topic: Adebayor moves from man city to real madrid (Read 932 times)
baba272 (81)
4 years ago

Real madrid has paid manchester city 4,000000 euros the transfer of Adebayor

25 Jan 11, 11:30 PM
EndeeAnozie (3)
4 years ago

What a waste of money for this fraud that Wenger sold to the football community. A mediocre player sold off as top quality!
Well, Man City found out the hard way and so will his admirer, Mourinho will soon find out and also look for how to offload him...

26 Jan 11, 09:23 AM
kinkino (2726)
4 years ago

he can stil make it there...but will remain on RM bench wen Higuan coms back...

26 Jan 11, 10:28 AM
xavexdo5 (2139)
4 years ago

well! i heard on blittz bulletin dat its a loan deal till the end of the season

26 Jan 11, 02:17 PM

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