African Woman Doing Some Sexy Dance At A Funeral!

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nametalkam (8208)
4 years ago

This is a clip of a mourner at a funeral in Ghana, the lady had a bit too much fun and forgot that it was a funeral event. I have heard some funeral stories where people even fight for drinks and get drunk. Why are funerals celebrated this way?

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23 Mar 11, 01:43 AM
etimoz (165)
4 years ago

HaH nor be me talk am

23 Mar 11, 02:06 AM
livingday (1738)
4 years ago

They didn't come to mourn the departed but to mock his demise. They should have been thrown out.

23 Mar 11, 02:15 AM
smoothG (15)
4 years ago

You Call this Sexy common!!! now,   this is like some possessed sh*t.

this is far from sexy

23 Mar 11, 02:18 AM
fireman (21201)
4 years ago

loool...funny....possibly the dead person offended them ...payback time

23 Mar 11, 02:48 AM
corkpuller (85)
4 years ago

lmaoooooooooooooo  They literally forget about the funeral.

23 Mar 11, 02:51 AM
Priceless-jewel (6111)
4 years ago

seriously,i wonder why!

23 Mar 11, 03:28 AM
kachet (13)
4 years ago

loool...funny....possibly the dead person offended them ...payback time

lmao! love ghanaian somuch cant stop laughing

23 Mar 11, 03:36 AM
Priceless-jewel (6111)
4 years ago


23 Mar 11, 03:40 AM
Lilliansteve (507)
4 years ago

na waaaaaa oooo,na party or funeral?see how dem dey dance as if na batday party,God will dem for Ghana.

23 Mar 11, 04:09 AM
LEONE (822)
4 years ago

Absolutely nonsense.

23 Mar 11, 04:31 AM
sugaDaddy1forU (3554)
4 years ago


23 Mar 11, 04:44 AM
dollar22 (983)
4 years ago

i din't see any sexy at all

23 Mar 11, 05:02 AM
ngeri1 (461)
4 years ago

I am sure this fell along the lines of "Celebration of Life" reasoning. Hilarioussssss.

23 Mar 11, 05:12 AM
jiflexy (137)
4 years ago

those girls look like old cargos that are looking for husband,they are there for a DIFFERENT PURPOS
not to mourn,but to be notice,haba,men are in trouble
 Grin Grin Grin

23 Mar 11, 05:43 AM
linkup2006 (90)
4 years ago

Why do e throw party for the dead? is it to mourn or to mock them or is it becus we know they are going to heaven or is it for our own enjoyment? please somebody tell me. Huh?

23 Mar 11, 06:01 AM
rational (370)
4 years ago

Quote from: Priceless-jewel on 23 Mar 11, 03:28 AM
seriously,i wonder why!

23 Mar 11, 07:19 AM
Ascondy (317)
4 years ago

now, i asked. Who is more stupid? he who threw a party for funeral or he who dance in the funerals party.

23 Mar 11, 07:27 AM
Youngstoriez (4566)
4 years ago

stupid people...

23 Mar 11, 08:02 AM
frayobkk (5124)
4 years ago

is all stupid it doen not have meaning throwing party for the dead instead have some serious prayer if there is hope after dead but i know my bibble tell me that only the living has hope

23 Mar 11, 08:08 AM

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