16 Years Old Nigeria Girl Killed In London Gang Riot (Page 5)

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chicanorose at 11:03 AM, 15/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( RIP dear AGGIE

goodshepherd at 03:50 PM, 15/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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This is so sad.  I cant imagine the mood the mother and her close relations, friends will be?  This is better imagine than experienced.
The culprit shud be killed by hanging.  This is absolute work of the devil.  I pray that God will give the family the fortitude to bear
the irreparable loss and no calamity will befall the family again in Jesus name Amen
luckysky at 09:40 PM, 15/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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Its a pity... Eternal rest grant unto her o Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her, Amen.
Larrykingomoj at 04:51 AM, 16/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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They were so stupid and hopeless by their actions
bali4real at 05:37 AM, 16/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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Quote from: kaycee1989 on 02:13 AM, 13/04/2011
Quote from: brendivas on 01:52 AM, 13/04/2011
Quote from: kaycee1989 on 01:37 AM, 13/04/2011
a very fine girl who is a great intellect being a yoruba girl..have always represented her group and school in public discussions.dreams of going to oxford university..and some selfish idiots killed her just because of gangsterism...what is the essence of life imprisonement??..death by hanging should have been better for the culprits..RIP agnes..

Unfortunately 'Death Sentence' has been abolished in UK.
thats when these western world gets it all wrong..any murder crime that involves taking away life must be rewarded with same punishment..is life worth that 32 yrs imprisonemnt they gave one of them..who knows what that prospective girl would have been in in the next 32 yrs..infact, am taking the laws myself..am on ma way to london now to go and execute them myself
ok jugdge.lols but it so sad
olatt at 06:21 AM, 16/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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Haaaa! Eniyan ma buru o.May Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.
interpo77 at 10:39 PM, 16/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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the gang must be send to jail instantly,
 let the police never sleep untill they do with them
2slimshady at 02:16 PM, 17/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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Quote from: hosbert on 07:36 AM, 13/04/2011
May God grant the family the grace and fortitude to bear this irrepairable loss.Quite unfortunate and may God continue to protect us from acts of callousness and wickedness.RIP Agnes.

stephen153 at 06:10 PM, 18/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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Martins2000 at 10:10 AM, 19/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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May her soul rest in peace.
k-brown108 at 11:37 AM, 19/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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 Embarrassed :'(
desolaliza at 01:14 PM, 19/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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its a pity to the entire family especially her mother.

She is a total loss.  May thy Lord console her parent and be with them.

Amakah at 02:08 PM, 20/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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such a pretty waste! dis is so sad... RIP Agnes :'(
Bami001 at 02:35 PM, 20/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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Agnes RIP

peteromeo at 03:36 PM, 22/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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what a wicked world
chieffabian at 04:51 PM, 23/04/2011 (7 years ago)
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RIP agness,they we suffer for the evil thing,dey have done''  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
qudr at 06:20 AM, 27/08/2011 (6 years ago)
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Quote from: debbymon3 on 07:42 AM, 13/04/2011
dint know wen tears rolled down my eyes....may God in his infinite mercies accept the soul of the innocent girl and may God grant the family the grace and fortitude to bear this irrepairable loss.  May the criminals not go unpunished here on earth and in eternity unless they repent of deir sins!
chicco77 at 10:33 PM, 6/07/2012 (5 years ago)
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 Shocked Shocked
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