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how guys classify girls as sexy

Topic: how guys classify girls as sexy (Read 4273 times)
sexynatty (6)
3 years ago

i dont realy know how guys know a gal dats hot or sexy,is it tru d dressing od thru d body,sm1 tell me..........

16 May 11, 12:02 AM
ekna (5)
3 years ago

oh so know one told u? ok i will

i think the buddy

16 May 11, 04:39 PM
sarah555 (3862)
3 years ago

guys classify girl's sexyness with her personality and body buliciousness. abey no be so.

5 Jun 11, 04:05 PM
maembe1920 (5)
3 years ago

by the way they dress very sarcastically[/color]

9 Jan 12, 08:31 AM
allenjungle (4)
2 years ago


12 Jul 12, 08:44 PM

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