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Should Christians only marry other Christians? (Page 3)

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at 12:46 AM, 4 Jun 11 (6 years ago)
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HOPEA23 at 12:53 AM, 4 Jun 11 (6 years ago)
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BUT DK u too get sweet mouth ohh..cheii..

dirtykid at 12:56 AM, 4 Jun 11 (6 years ago)
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Thats why when i fix the mouth for any place, even if is bitter place, it will turn to sweet thing.. I know how to make proper use of my sweet mouth.. isn't that good enough.  Cheesy Cheesy

HOPEA23 at 01:09 AM, 4 Jun 11 (6 years ago)
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is gud..and keep it up.

dirtykid at 01:18 AM, 4 Jun 11 (6 years ago)
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 Wink Cool Kiss

truenaija2 at 09:30 AM, 4 Jun 11 (6 years ago)
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do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers , what has light to do  with darkness,rry a muslem  the best thing u can do for your life is to marry a GOD fearing person not neccesarily from the same church but he or she has to believe in the true undiluted incorruptable word of GOD, cos the worst thing that can happen to you is marrying someone without the fear of GOD and an unbeleiver cos your spirit man will dye and u will become somethingelse, so if u r a christian marry a true christian, if u r a muslem marry a muslem
blessedme at 12:28 PM, 4 Jun 11 (6 years ago)
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50scent at 12:40 PM, 4 Jun 11 (6 years ago)
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with yu

mchinwendu at 08:08 PM, 27 Jun 11 (6 years ago)
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We do control who we love...though, I know the world says otherwise. Love is an action and a committment. We are suppose to control our thoughts and our emotions to a degree.  Meaning, if a thought comes to mind about someone and it's not right, rebuke the thought and don't let it take root in your mind.  Likewise, if one meets someone they think they might be interested in and finds that the person is taken by another...back off!  Reject and rebuke the emotions and the thoughts about the person because they are off limits; and don't let the thoughts or emotions take root in your mind or heart.  If something is from God, it will not go away.  If something is from satan, ignore it, it will will pass because it wasn't real in the first place.  If it's meant to be, it will be without munipulation. God's way is decent and in order.

The answer is yes, Christians are suppose to marry Christians because they are going in the same direction/on the same path.  If a Christian marries a non-Christian, God is the Christian's God but satan is the non-Christian's god.  One will have to give in....or the union might be destroyed.  Satan can use the non-Christian anytime and does just that.  Things may start off good but know the devil will use the closest one to you, who belongs to him (non-Christian), to destroy you (Christian).  Some people survive it, and the one now becomes a Christian.  But many don't survive it, some Christians (baby, growing and/or mature) began to doubt God for their own bad decision, then falls right into the devil's trap and some eventually reject God.   

God tells Christians not to be unequally yoked or marry a non-Christian because it is for our own good.  God does not want us to hurt ourselves or bring suffering and sorrows upon ourselves.
chicco77 at 05:55 AM, 31 Aug 12 (5 years ago)
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