Naija until i die : eLDee and Amplifyd Crew

at 06:24 PM, 26 Jan 08 (9 years ago)
(4105 | Gistmaniac) (m)
Eldee: We got a Problem here, Amplifyd, Eldee The Don (Yeah), Lets Go!

Chorus: (Eldee)
There aint no place to jo ile mi
So wont you open up your eyes and see
Throw your hands in the sky
Everybody knows Naija Until I die (x4)

Verse 1 (B-Eazy):
I'm a naija boy, fresh to the bone
omo oduduwa ni mi from the flesh to the bone (heyyy)
green white green na the colors of my home
so sit back relax make i picture my zone
better jubiliate in naij when your luck goes right
early momo we dey rise when the cock crows twice
whatchu know about the yankari game reserves
olumo rock, kainji damn, sango sturvs
i spit some yarns, make flows, throw some jams
and if you find a better artist better vote for am (heyyy)
fila on the dog tag coat of arms
na only giddi wey person dey use goat for charms
dc, london, LA, ny, them no resemble us, as per d effizy, why (Why?)
amplifyd and el-d-e-e
naija, until i d-i-e (come on!)


Verse 2 (Eldee):
Once again its your boy el-d-e-e
rolling with ma peeps from amplifyd, chilling with the don b-eaazy
rep naija to the fullest from the day i was born
i got the whole world singing my songs
i'm on the next level jump off,
some of the illest around me, atl is where you can find me
on the green white green, rep for the motherland
show love with the right, get slapped with the other hand
i spit hard, y'all understand
you couldn't catch me slippin, emi le le men
its been a while, still killing it
i got your mama, papa, friend, foe for sure still feeling it
from maryland leko to maryland ni yankee
we reppin how we supposd to be
it\'s eldee and amplifyd crew so je a jo jo
eyin ti e de ti mo, let em know,


Bridge (Eldee)
i no get another home so make we rep naija
i no know another place so make we rep naija (x2)

Verse 3 (Mr Muyo):
ATM quick, withdraw like 2gs
can't go broke, naija got 2g's
giddi giddi, get it, looking for a sissy
shades on, badboy, looking like diddy (yeah)
back with the swagger and the flow
eku ijometa, kabo, welcoming muyo
you know, royal pink diamonds in the glow
giddi style, LOP, KC on the go
when the babes show face, we'll be mackin on the go (go)
white on white lace with the blazer on the low
watchu know about the bishes, kuramo la le lo (ay!)
ishekuse, shaggin all the misses on the low (heyy)
wetin lagos city without eazy and muyo
scoping all the haters talkin shizznit on the phone (hello)
when i\m with my pinky you know mopo go dey go
we don kolo, omoge na owo we dey blow (heyyyy)
i'm getting sicker (whaa)
african queen playing steady in my beema
sippin cris, girls pulling on my zippa
cash come quick, now nyash come quicker (uh uh)
i don craze, ikoyi club skiddies
mega plaza, parking lot, area boy pimpin'
the vault, or maybe saga 8 honeys, (why)
saipan, 50 grand, giddi to the coffin (come on)

Chorus (x3), fade

PoliticxGuru at 11:34 PM, 24 Aug 15 (1 year ago)
(14298 | Hero) (m)
Nice one
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