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Siasia Must Go! Nigeria Fans Insist! (Page 7)

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Topic: Siasia Must Go! Nigeria Fans Insist! (Page 7) (Read 14529 times)
odiono (417)
3 years ago

Quote from: ikennaya on  9 Oct 11, 08:30 AM
Quote from: tmaxdon on  9 Oct 11, 08:23 AM
We shouldn't blame the coach for the failure of the team,we should rather blame the act of indiscipline in the likes of Mikel,Osaze,Enyeama and the rest.None of the Idiots I mentioned is ready to serve the country diligently,they are too proud,they're only looking for money not fame or glory of the country's football..I think it is High time we gave our football some  discipline rather than criticizing Siasia...The problem we Nigerians have is that,we think our football is growing but the reverse is the case,our football is dying due to lack of discipline and the corrupt system in the country..Let's allow Siasia impact some discipline on the team cos they need it... Clemens Westerhof did the same thing and we didn't qualify for the world cup in 1990 but he came up with a refreshed and disciplined team in 1994.Remember that Siasia has worked for the country at different levels and he succeeded to a point...The discipline that was impacted on the likes of Okocha from Westerhof made them famous today,Europeans only speaks till today of our old players like Kanu,Okocha,Amokachi and the rest of them and we think we still have football. wake up Nigerians the problems we have are some of the players and the corrupt NFF not any of the coaches former and present.

tell dem ohh.

well said

11 Oct 11, 11:31 PM
interpo77 (4638)
3 years ago

this is a big shame to nigeria

12 Oct 11, 01:00 AM
MegaOneplusone (4820)
3 years ago

na today Huh?

12 Oct 11, 07:48 PM
odiono (417)
3 years ago

he needs more time to get it right with the senior national team!

19 Oct 11, 04:20 PM
soyayya (470)
3 years ago

A must read for blacks on earth...note:people without history is like a tree without root......http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_8230.shtml

19 Oct 11, 04:50 PM
dickman2 (33489)
2 years ago


24 Jun 12, 05:02 PM
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