Son stabs mother to death in Lagos

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at 05:54 AM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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The peace hitherto witnessed in Musa street, located in the densely populated area of Mushin, Lagos was shattered by screams from one of the apartments. At first, no one knew what the matter was until a woman with a wrapper strapped to her chest rushed out of her room panting.

A curious neighbour who came out to ascertain what the matter was, was shocked, on discovering blood all over the woman identified as Mrs Segun. Unsure of what action to take, the neighbour raised an alarm which alerted others. Time was 2am.

One of the neighbours reportedly rushed inside the injured woman’s room only to see Mrs Segun’s mother-in-law groaning in excruciating pains, in a pool of her blood.

The question on the perplexed sympathizers’ lips was who the assailant was. The answer shook the area to its very foundation when Mrs Segun revealed that her husband was responsible. While the mother in-law was being rushed to the hospital, she was inaudibly muttering the name of her son as being responsible for her wound. Unfortunately for her, she could not live to share her ordeal, as she died moments before reaching the hospital.

Crime Guard gathered that when Mrs Segun who was also rushed to the hospital regained consciousness, she revealed to her family members that her husband had first stabbed his mother, who let out a scream that woke her up. But before she could raise any alarm, she said her husband, Bakare, thrust the the knife into her chest.

Policemen attached to Olosan division were reportedly contacted. To the surprise of all, Bakare was reportedly found in the same sitting position next day when the police arrived and whisked him away.

A police source said he would be taken to a psychiatric home to ascertain his mental stability. Before the dastardly act on October 7, 2011, he was reportedly involved in an accident which incapacitated him. Since then, he had been walking with crutches.

When Crime Guard arrived the private hospital where Mrs Segun was admitted, the nurses would not let this reporter interview the woman as they claimed she was too feeble to speak. On reaching the scene of the incident, a neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity said Segun may have gone mad.

Explaining how he rushed out of his apartment, the neighbour said, “I was at home sleeping that fateful night, when all of a sudden, a shout for help woke me up. I rushed out on recognizing that it was Mama Idowu, Segun’s wife and found out she was bleeding from the chest. She asked us to rush to her room to save her mother-in-law but when we got there, we discovered that the old woman had matchet cuts all over her body . She died before she could be taken to the hospital.

“There are about eight rooms in this building. Segun lived in one with his wife, mother and children. They just moved in here about three months ago and nobody knows much about them. Segun himself was just recovering from a severe injury he sustained on okada.

He could barely walk. Nobody can tell what caused the quarrel because we did not hear any scuffle that night.” Meanwhile, relatives were said to have taken custody of their children.

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ajanni at 07:33 AM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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very terrible
kebella at 07:41 AM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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aboki at it again Huh?

StephensonDonar at 11:33 AM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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Sm pple r insane.they shld b taken 2 psychiatric home.
cutelizzy at 11:42 AM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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we don hear,story 2 much.
babyleslie at 09:42 PM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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Adaeze7777 at 09:59 PM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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D-GodFather at 10:18 PM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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Quote from: kebella on 07:41 AM, 23/10/2011
aboki at it again Huh?
Tell me about it.
maryclaret at 10:24 PM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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Hia!  Angry

08060509569 at 10:27 PM, 23/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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ABOKI NA WAOOOOOO Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
Skipo4u at 07:22 PM, 24/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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make dem kill him now
terryworld at 07:47 PM, 24/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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stephen153 at 08:26 PM, 24/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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kebella at 08:40 PM, 24/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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Quote from: D-GodFather on 10:18 PM, 23/10/2011
Quote from: kebella on 07:41 AM, 23/10/2011
aboki at it again Huh?
Tell me about it.
yu wont understand daddy Grin Grin

mallorca at 09:11 PM, 24/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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wen dem talk say 99% of Lagos men/boys dey crase una no gree..dis one good example :'( :'( :'( :'(RIP

HOPEA23 at 10:32 PM, 24/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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that son is mental ill

lookwell4me at 01:18 PM, 30/10/2011 (6 years ago)
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wonder`s they say `s ,shall never end
dickman2 at 11:56 PM, 20/07/2012 (5 years ago)
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see trouble..
dlimelite at 12:17 AM, 21/07/2012 (5 years ago)
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NA WA OO. May her soul rest in peace.
Solidstonez at 06:53 PM, 27/08/2012 (5 years ago)
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