"Baba Suwe Is Using High Level Black Magic On Us" - NDLEA Officials

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at 01:20 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
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CONTROVERSY continues to trail the arrest of popular home video actor cum comedian, Babatunde Nurudeen Omidina, popularly called Baba Suwe.

Though, the anti-drug scanning machine at the airport which screened Baba Suwe detected some drugs hidden in his stomach leading to his arrest and eventual detention by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

The popular comedian has excreted three times but no traces of hard drugs were found in his excreta on the three occasions. This led to outcries from members of the public especially Baba Suwe’s colleagues in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood calling for the release of the comedian. His lawyers have even slammed a N100 million suit on the anti-drug agency.

However, the controversy deepens last Friday when a Lagos High Court gave the NDLEA authority to hold on to the comedian for 15 more days. This was sequel to the new discovery by a CT scan conducted on the actor which revealed that indeed there are drugs logged his body.

The raging controversy has been whether it is true that the actor has some drugs in his body. Many are of the belief that if indeed Baba Suwe has drugs in his body, he could have health problems since he was arrested. “If indeed he has hard drugs in his body, he should have died since,” Sade Oloriebi, an actress stated.

But the NDLEA would not have none of this. According to the anti-drug agency, Baba Suwe’s case is not isolated as there have been similar cases in the past. “In fact we have had cases where the accused raised curses on us after excreting three times but no drugs were discovered on them. However, after CT scans were carried out on them and drugs were discovered, they ate humble pie,” an official of NDLEA said.

Another controversy introduced into the matter now was the issue of juju popularly called Africa Magic. “There was no doubt about it. He was carrying drugs but we know he is powerful spiritually. The drugs may have disappeared through juju. The machine actually detected drugs in his system,” an official of NDLEA at the Airport disclosed.

Another NDLEA official corroborated his colleague’s claim. “Our machine detected it at the Airport, people said we are telling lies that we are just witch hunting him now that the CT scan conducted at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) has confirmed drugs in his body again what will people say? The fact remains that this man is using high level juju on us,” he said.

For those who are bringing in the juju angle, they pointed to the actor’s different postures as the drama unfolds. When he was first arrested, it was discovered that Baba Suwe was a little bit jittery. But as event unfolds, he started regaining his confidence leading to the show of support by his colleagues. He was even reported to have boasted to close friend and colleague, Jide Kosoko that even if he was asked to excrete one thousand times, they would not find anything on him.

Let the blame game begin!
stephen153 at 01:29 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(35558 | Addicted Hero) (m)
power pass power
godwindave at 04:19 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(409 | Upcoming) (m)
Lolz.... The topic title is funny. Time will tell

olao0412 at 04:25 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(15 | Newbie) (f)
Im speechless! I guess we have a new movie in the making.lol Grin
janexes at 07:00 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(304 | Upcoming) (f)
They are Mad all of them..............
PHINO at 07:06 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(770 | Upcoming) (m)
eomo at 07:17 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(601 | Upcoming) (m)
Is there no Praying Christian in the NDLEA team or are all of them Muslims?
joegbons at 07:17 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(185 | Upcoming) (m)
This office NDLEA are not qualify to be an officer of the Nigeria National Drug Law Eforcement agency. There is no Juju there, you get drugs in his body ornothing found. Then release the gentle man and get back to work, instead of blaming Juju. Baba Suwe don't mind them jor, may be you have step on some one's toes.
interpo77 at 07:36 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(4611 | Gistmaniac) (m)
the NDLEA has chewed more than they can swallow, is either they say  out  their behind drug baron deal or they must be ready to pay 100 million naira lawyer,s demand ,yeye ppe,
 how dear that they talk about juju ?
Bahceerat at 08:00 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(445 | Upcoming) (f)
hmn, dem don chop money con dey talk say im dey use juju. NDLEA nigerians re not fools. GBAM!
MilleniumMan at 08:02 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(3409 | Gistmaniac) (m)
This case is getting more interesting.
richy5050 at 08:21 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(15 | Newbie) (m)
time shall tell,d truth must surely comeout.babasuwe and drug hmmmmm.
Evrarocks at 08:44 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(358 | Upcoming) (m)
Baba suwe, u qet mouth die. Love diz ur jazz oh
kebella at 09:13 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(44408 | Addicted Hero) (f)
boring Angry

Bazemaster at 09:24 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(6823 | Gistmaniac) (m)
story. NDLEA sabi cookup story

akposy19 at 09:28 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(779 | Upcoming) (m)
U can cheat human, but can never cheat God, Stupid man
info_lekan at 10:02 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(9 | Newbie) (m)
ajanni at 10:21 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(97623 | Grande Master) (m)
nonsense, if he use the JUJU yo make the drug disapeared , while not you too use the same JUJU to brung the drug back to his body? are you not AFRICAN too? a big shame on you all, you are a failure
ajanni at 10:22 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(97623 | Grande Master) (m)
Quote from: info_lekan on 10:02 PM, 25 Oct 11

let them too use juju now
snazzyalo at 10:32 PM, 25 Oct 11 (6 years ago)
(63 | Newbie) (f)
i don tire for ds mata
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