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Court Dissolves Marriage Over Husband's Sexual Inability

Topic: Court Dissolves Marriage Over Husband's Sexual Inability (Read 1455 times)
mekuseze (161)
3 years ago

An Ibadan customary court on monday dissolved the nine year-old marriage between a driver, Kolapo Nureni, and his wife over alleged nymphomaniac tendencies.

Kolapo told the court that his wife was never satisfied with his performance in bed and had on several occasions disgraced him in the public.

He accused her of adultery and stealing, alleging that she stole N500 given to the couple by a visiting relative.

The wife, Latifat, who agreed to the dissolution of the marriage, however, told the court that her husband was an addicted Indian hemp smoker....


23 Nov 11, 06:40 PM
Merlin (1613)
3 years ago

Two of a kind.

23 Nov 11, 06:45 PM
onlyGodknows (906)
3 years ago

O di egwu

20 Dec 11, 05:13 PM

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