Demonic: Lady Gaga Baths In Blood At London Hotel Room (Page 4)

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Genesis170 (3)
3 years ago


6 Jan 12, 03:43 PM
Genesis170 (3)
3 years ago


6 Jan 12, 03:49 PM
buchiike (829)
3 years ago

Quote from: kinkyebony on  6 Jan 12, 03:21 AM
Dät liquid is nt blud, it must b among her scary costumes of display. She cnt display any secret ritual-drama of diä  organisation (non-religious sect) in general places lyk hotel, instead she'll perform d ritual-dramas in her private  SANCTUM, or in d  TEMPLE  of diä organisation b4 her outing.

If truly dät is blood, she'll nt b moving freely by nw, she must b arrested & face d law: She'll loose all she labored 4 since ever her life, she may get life-imprisonment, & her fans will turn 2 her foes, she'll b isolated & deserted. So dnt thik dät is blud Shocked Shocked Shocked Huh? Huh? Huh? Shocked Shocked Shocked
You've said it all..

6 Jan 12, 04:20 PM
cocoeni (13620)
3 years ago


6 Jan 12, 04:30 PM
proly (11578)
3 years ago


6 Jan 12, 04:45 PM
MilleniumMan (3413)
3 years ago

Baphomet worshipers.

6 Jan 12, 04:47 PM
deboalabi262 (11334)
3 years ago

Crazy being....

6 Jan 12, 05:12 PM
3 years ago


6 Jan 12, 05:16 PM
emeka21 (11)
3 years ago

If she lyk make she baf wit zobo e no concern.......afta all she is illuminati's puppet so wat do u expect...,.?

6 Jan 12, 05:23 PM
youngcute (127)
3 years ago

Find a better news poster!!!

6 Jan 12, 05:25 PM
ifexdemike (43)
3 years ago

am not surprise bcos she belongs to church of satan

6 Jan 12, 05:39 PM
jossymark (633)
3 years ago

You don't need to ask because you all ready know who she is......or you think is coincidence?

6 Jan 12, 05:50 PM
Oguala (113)
3 years ago

to be honest the hotel attendants know what is blood that stupid girl must be arrested and questioned her how she gets that blood all this daughters of devil are doing on do to make sure they are on top of the world.

6 Jan 12, 06:09 PM
giftmurphy (17230)
3 years ago

 if she likes,she shld bath with blood or palm oil...passing jor............

6 Jan 12, 06:29 PM
esteille (146)
3 years ago

it's non of my business

6 Jan 12, 06:35 PM
MegaOneplusone (4815)
3 years ago

Quote from: ifexdemike on  6 Jan 12, 05:39 PM
am not surprise bcos she belongs to church of satan

You got it! She have the Baphomet’s head displayed in all her songs... who will judge her even though is blood??? Queen or Obama who knows what she know??? she grew up in occult museum DEVIL IS THE DEMON I CRINGE TO is her lyrics in the song JUDAS

6 Jan 12, 07:42 PM
Wisema (8)
3 years ago

 She look evil and can even sing ,she is a mad woman!!

6 Jan 12, 08:06 PM
ndjoe (2236)
3 years ago

i know Beyoncy and i know Rihana, but plss can someone tell me who is lady gaga?

6 Jan 12, 08:29 PM
chubby587 (6)
3 years ago

well am not surprise, she is from the pit of hell

6 Jan 12, 09:39 PM
damilare220 (1)
3 years ago

 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked na wa ooooo

6 Jan 12, 10:05 PM

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