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Real Madrid Inability to defeat Barca, An ill-luck or in-experienced of Mouriho?

Real Madrid Inability to defeat Barca, An ill-luck or in-experienced of Mouriho? on: 26 Jan 12, 09:10 AM (4 years ago) by
(23991 | Addicted Hero)
My friend and I were arguing about the lack of winning mentalities of Real Madrid against Barcelona.  Yesterday make it a Ten straight victories against Real Madrid since Pep Josep took charge of Barcelonans.

My friend argued that Barcelonans were just lucky in all those match wins against Real Madrid, that Real Madrid were just ill-luck against them.

I totally disagreed with this claim, because Barcelonans strategies were more superior than Real Madrid, that Mouriho in-experience kills the game. He fill his players' heart with rage, aggressiveness rather than developing tactics way of winning.

In your opinion, Is Real Madrid ran out of luck with Barcelonans or ill-experience of Mouriho is Real Madrid's Problem?

Reply #1 on: 26 Jan 12, 12:10 PM (4 years ago) by
rekkydee (2 | Newbie)
Madrid was defeated last night yes , the problem are the players not coach
Reply #2 on: 26 Jan 12, 01:22 PM (4 years ago) by
blings_is_back (12461 | Hero)
50 if i slap u eh..... Forza Madrid!

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