Breaking News: Bankole, Nafada have no case to answer – Court

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at 31 Jan 12, 02:50 PM (5 years ago)
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An Abuja High Court sitting at Apo,  Tuesday, has ruled that former Speaker Dimeji Bankole and his deputy Usman Bayero Nafada have no case to answer in the N40bn loan case.

The court ruled on a “no-case-submission”   before it by the erstwhile Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr Dimeji Bankole and his deputy, Usman Bayero Nafada pertaining to the 17-count criminal charge preferred against them by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, over an alleged role they played in a N40 billion loan saga that trailed the sixth session of the lower chamber.
Bami001 at 31 Jan 12, 04:33 PM (5 years ago)
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Ok, what esle

itmomoh at 31 Jan 12, 04:49 PM (5 years ago)
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so dem go let run go witout jailin dem? ahh naija  !!!
feelfee at 31 Jan 12, 04:50 PM (5 years ago)
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This is tales of the expected as usual.No surprises
blackdudu at 31 Jan 12, 04:51 PM (5 years ago)
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Sylvluv at 31 Jan 12, 04:54 PM (5 years ago)
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Am nt surpriz! Just passing...
odigiejohn at 31 Jan 12, 04:57 PM (5 years ago)
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Always know this is how it will end but the spirit of the suffering nigerians will judge these bankole and his group of political robbers whose interest is nothing but to destroy and ruin this country.
tmaxdon at 31 Jan 12, 04:57 PM (5 years ago)
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I knew it from the beginning that this would happen...He has stole his own...
barryif at 31 Jan 12, 05:01 PM (5 years ago)
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i no this will end like this efcc has taking there share...ndi ojor
Stonehouse53100 at 31 Jan 12, 05:03 PM (5 years ago)
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Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala letz go there
p4490758 at 31 Jan 12, 05:05 PM (5 years ago)
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Wonder when all this shit is gonna end in Nigeria..Just wish Nigeria can be divide its to big to be a nation thats why bribery and  corruptions is the other of the day  >:( >:(
onyimau20 at 31 Jan 12, 05:09 PM (5 years ago)
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Just like that? ok case close Shocked
lupus at 31 Jan 12, 05:18 PM (5 years ago)
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wetin dat one come mean. say dem no steal money again or what?
okoatiobo at 31 Jan 12, 05:32 PM (5 years ago)
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NAIJA logo! Why waisting fund for court sitting?
estilizo at 31 Jan 12, 05:35 PM (5 years ago)
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Am not surprised at all,it usually ends this way.

betrani at 31 Jan 12, 05:38 PM (5 years ago)
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In a country with a corrupt judicial system what do you expect? regale me with more! Nigerian comedy still growing from strength to strength!
interpo77 at 31 Jan 12, 05:42 PM (5 years ago)
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Am not surprised afteral,where judges can swallow line and sinker, i woo nigeria and their failed judicial system
olaide_ysf at 31 Jan 12, 05:46 PM (5 years ago)
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 Huh? Huh? Huh?
mkpume22 at 31 Jan 12, 05:55 PM (5 years ago)
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tales by moon light
Freedomman147 at 31 Jan 12, 06:00 PM (5 years ago)
(73 | Newbie) (m)
I know their is no case they are just fooling there self.. Rubbish 
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