Fake Police Woman Arrested In Kwara State

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nametalkam (8208) On
3 years ago

The Kwara State Police Command has arrested a 30-year-old mother, Yemisi Fagbemi, for allegedly parading herself as a police Inspector.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin on Tuesday, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Dabo Ezekiel, said the suspect was arrested on January 30 in a police uniform.

25 Feb 12, 02:29 AM
Eyanyi (430)
3 years ago

She should face the music they are the people spoiling the job

25 Feb 12, 10:25 AM
princeforlife (22)
3 years ago

what about the people who are employed in the police force what have they done to remedy the image of the force? For all i care that woman, who couldn't come in through due process, may have come to remedy the image of the state. Th truth dey bitter but i go still talkam. it is even better you invite crimminals to apply for the job of police officers because they will do well; they know the Nigerian terrain better than those uniformed lackeys. God help us all.

25 Feb 12, 11:56 AM
slim_pikin (48)
3 years ago

Old news nigga, give us sumtin new

25 Feb 12, 12:00 PM
proly (11578)
3 years ago

wtas her gain by doin so

25 Feb 12, 12:18 PM
xter (26095)
3 years ago

She even cap sef Grin some police no even get cap

25 Feb 12, 12:26 PM
Beacky (133)
3 years ago

God have mercy on us in this country. Am still asking Mr President which way Nigeria.

25 Feb 12, 12:29 PM
Beacky (133)
3 years ago

May be she did not settle well that is why she was paraded that she is fake. Then what will happen to the person that sold the uniform for her. I believe the system is already corrupt. NONESENCE

25 Feb 12, 12:34 PM
floxyuche (18)
3 years ago

Sum pple risk their lyf 4 sum tine u know dat at d end of day u will be caught,wat is d need

25 Feb 12, 01:01 PM
ozonadakar (222)
3 years ago

Yoruba woman, she try very well how come she get liver to do this kind thing because i no very well that Yorubas always be  afraid

25 Feb 12, 01:15 PM
Realjustice (2)
3 years ago

" fake Police, fake Lawyer, fake Doctor, fake Pills, Fake students,fake lecturer, fake Pastor, fake Imam.........................................................   fake everything!!!!!!!!!!!
  What is the root cause? = corruption and poverty.
 What is the cause of corruption in Nigeria?Huh?Huh?Huh??

25 Feb 12, 01:22 PM
lertipha (874)
3 years ago

This news don old joo.

25 Feb 12, 02:20 PM
eleohaonye (72)
3 years ago


25 Feb 12, 02:48 PM
escapedprince (3135)
3 years ago

Man must wack na  Grin Grin Grin

25 Feb 12, 02:56 PM
sonjohn994 (1831)
3 years ago

Let her face the Court of Law ................

25 Feb 12, 03:17 PM
toibeli (4515)
3 years ago

Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

25 Feb 12, 03:36 PM
engrtope (1673)
3 years ago

Everything is fake in this country,......fake certificate.........fake lawyer.....fake senator.....fake soldier....fake governor
Chai Nija i hail una oooooo
 Grin Grin Grin Grin

25 Feb 12, 03:47 PM
LEONE (822)
3 years ago

What is the diffrence btwn her and the rest of them?Shameless set of people.

25 Feb 12, 04:29 PM
Aknankanan (316)
3 years ago

U go fear naija Grin Grin

25 Feb 12, 04:34 PM
cadanre (9300)
3 years ago

Quote from: Eyanyi on 25 Feb 12, 10:25 AM
She should face the music they are the people spoiling the job

I hope she can dance.

25 Feb 12, 04:36 PM

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