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Guests At The Ubuntu Collection Of The London Fashion Week 2012

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Topic: Guests At The Ubuntu Collection Of The London Fashion Week 2012 (Read 11838 times)
WhoBdat (81)
2 years ago

If a show's success can be evaluated only via the number of guests, audience or on-lookers that came to cheer or just look, then the Ubuntu Collection, which had the Nigerian focus as its major highlight should be awarded the status of over-whelming success: 4 Designers from Nigeria showcased- Ayo Van Elmer who is based in Vienna, Austria, but makes her clothes and fabrics from Nigeria, there was also Zohi Taglit who is Abuja based, then there was Studio 24 and finally House of Jola, owned by Mrs. Joan Okorodudu . Like we had earlier reported, the event venue was totally packed out and many had to stand to catch a glimpse of the showcase.

Most importantly according to the feelers we got, many were not disappointed by what they saw on the catwalk. We were everywhere during the event, running from one spot to the other, trying as much as possible to get pictures of all that was going on, so in this package we have for your viewing pleasure, a mix of pictures of happenings backstage, some as the guests were arriving, a few pictures of fashionistas just outside the venue and those who had the privilege of sitting at the much coveted front-row bench. Enjoy!



5 Mar 12, 11:09 PM
2 years ago


5 Mar 12, 11:45 PM
Ifemylove (4758)
2 years ago

good for them

5 Mar 12, 11:54 PM
open_reality (4673)
2 years ago

not interested Angry Angry Angry

6 Mar 12, 02:05 AM
jud4kul (62)
2 years ago

Let them enjoy themselfs

6 Mar 12, 02:33 AM
osesunday (350)
2 years ago

wats here 2 enjoy?

6 Mar 12, 02:36 AM
osesunday (350)
2 years ago

9ja girls no fit catwalk b4 nah, deh are mostly huzlers and hardcore

6 Mar 12, 02:39 AM
estilizo (3760)
2 years ago

nonsense Lips Sealed

6 Mar 12, 06:54 AM
emmyemmy (235)
2 years ago

 ok na lets go there Tongue Tongue

6 Mar 12, 07:16 AM
Unikpearl (3184)
2 years ago

Cool 1

6 Mar 12, 07:23 AM
amansu (149)
2 years ago

Fashion don die

6 Mar 12, 07:50 AM
starlove1 (402)
2 years ago

na them sabi

6 Mar 12, 08:06 AM
verah (5294)
2 years ago

i dey com mak i go eat first

6 Mar 12, 08:50 AM
ebonypride (549)
2 years ago

who cares? good pics anyway

6 Mar 12, 08:52 AM
malvin2525 (5186)
2 years ago

 Undecided Undecided

6 Mar 12, 08:57 AM
proly (10709)
2 years ago

na so

6 Mar 12, 09:02 AM
Idbabe (8175)
2 years ago

i dey come

6 Mar 12, 10:16 AM
kebella (44753)
2 years ago

was i here Huh?

6 Mar 12, 10:19 AM
aso4life1 (11660)
2 years ago

not my palava

6 Mar 12, 11:54 AM
MacDaniel (1313)
2 years ago

mtchewwwwww..get busy Roll Eyes

6 Mar 12, 12:37 PM
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