13-Year Old Rape Victim Delivers Baby

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sugaDaddy1forU (3554)
3 years ago

A 73-year old man who allegedly defiled a 13-year old girl, leading to her pregnancy and birth of a baby, has been charged to the Family Court 6 in Ikeja area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.
 The 73-year old man, Job Onyemakiya has, however, denied the paternity of the child delivered by the 13-year old girl (name withheld) in December 2011.

The court, presided over by Chief Magistrate A. A. Oshoniyi has ordered a DNA test to be conducted to ascertain the paternity of the baby and ordered the 73-year old man to fund the test.
 The DNA test will be presented to the court in June when the case resumes as the judge had earlier on 31 December, 2011 adjourned the case till June.
The case is between the Commissioner of Police versus Job Onyemakiya while the Office of the Public Defender, OPD, is holding brief for the girl.
The charge sheet reads: “that you, Job Onyemakiya sometime in the month of March, 2011 at about 1700 hours at 5, Oyesiku Street, Alapere in Ikeja Division Magisterial District, did have unlawful carnal knowledge of (name withheld), aged 13 and thereby committed an offence punishable under section 221 of the criminal code, cap 32, Vol. 17 Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 2004.”
The case first came up for hearing in March and the judge granted the accused bail in the sum of N100,000 while the accused had been coming to court from home since them.
As at the time the offence was allegedly committed, the defendant was a tenant in the victim’s grandmother’s house while the girl was in Junior Secondary School 3.
The matter was reported at the Alapere Police Station while the accused was immediately arrested and charged to court for defilement of a minor.
The girl, on her part alleged that the old man slept with her three different times and warned her not to disclose the act to anybody, alleging also that the man held her mouth from shouting on the first occasion.
The OPD is still monitoring the girl as she and her grandmother reported at the OPD’s office two weeks ago.

3 Apr 12, 04:10 PM
Dafey (525)
3 years ago

Sad story.

3 Apr 12, 04:33 PM
summy4ever (335)
3 years ago

Stupid old man.  Cry

3 Apr 12, 04:43 PM
onlyGodknows (915)
3 years ago

What about the top politician that married an underaged Egyptian?

3 Apr 12, 05:51 PM
Obitexa (324)
3 years ago

Waiting for the DNA result

3 Apr 12, 05:54 PM
prince775 (1062)
3 years ago

i will comment when the dna result is done!

3 Apr 12, 05:56 PM
frank_f (495)
3 years ago

Madam Poster! Listen!!
i have been trying to tell you this several times, try to be sure of something before saying, i don't know if you have lost your ears ??
I will not say anything until the DNA result is out because am not a fool like you ...

3 Apr 12, 06:20 PM
arsenal123 (6474)
3 years ago


3 Apr 12, 06:32 PM
simon4real (797)
3 years ago


3 Apr 12, 06:47 PM
malamy (1406) On
3 years ago

Wickedness.But why the girl no report the matter when the man first rape her.Maybe she too been dey enjoy am.if to say belle no come maybe she for no yan self.

3 Apr 12, 06:56 PM
prinsco_obu (29)
3 years ago

Abeg no do me again... ahhh! i wan pass!!

3 Apr 12, 07:08 PM
cadanre (9300)
3 years ago


3 Apr 12, 07:17 PM
Simon-Zeletus (1128)
3 years ago

Too bad for the little Girl, baby nursing baby

3 Apr 12, 07:36 PM
biancaflexy (432)
3 years ago

Jst stoppd 2 say hi b4 d hi masta stops by.

3 Apr 12, 08:13 PM
Reseacher (1)
3 years ago

Quote from: summy4ever on  3 Apr 12, 04:43 PM
Stupid old man.  Cry

3 Apr 12, 08:27 PM
Yerinditimi (39)
3 years ago

na God

3 Apr 12, 08:53 PM
agbonson (611)
3 years ago


3 Apr 12, 08:58 PM
Solidstonez (37466)
3 years ago


3 Apr 12, 09:05 PM
ajanni (97856)
3 years ago

stupid and shameless , old idiot

3 Apr 12, 09:10 PM
spottythief (53)
3 years ago

the end justifies the means

3 Apr 12, 09:21 PM

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