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miss kogi-charity chinenye obiora.jpg

miss kogi-charity chinenye obiora



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03:18 PM, 29 Apr 12
wetin chop ur front hair?

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02:22 AM, 29 Apr 12
good looking

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10:04 PM, 28 Apr 12
hmm u look good

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02:32 PM, 28 Apr 12
Na Igbo girls full this contest....Big up Akwa Ibom

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11:12 AM, 28 Apr 12
we are watching

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04:46 AM, 28 Apr 12
mrs imo sually should be the winner. but nigeria hmm pity for dat girl. she might even be the first contestant to go home among dem. nigeria and their scandals. well this year got better. last year, i fell out of my chair because dey all luked the same. i actually taught the competition should have been cancelled last year cuz the pretty ones didnt show up. Go mrs Imo go. but osun fall my hand oo

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04:41 AM, 28 Apr 12
hmm? naah

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11:51 PM, 27 Apr 12
Why be say na igbo girls full this comp...

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08:23 PM, 27 Apr 12
what's with the hair...!

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12:25 PM, 27 Apr 12
You are better than the Kogi soap model, If you travel to lokoja remember there are many kaun for ewedu soup....pls put that at the back of your mind while in contest
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