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miss delta - tifanny anabelle davies.jpg

miss delta - tifanny anabelle davies



Gender: (f)
Posts: 38

08:42 AM, 30 Apr 12
Lovely and classy.

Gender: (f)
Posts: 8

01:54 PM, 28 Apr 12
Older or younger, she's beautiful, Abeg cary go

Gender: (f)
Posts: 1077

11:53 AM, 28 Apr 12
her mum was miss Nigeria in 1979 so she wan go try her luck. sorry what happened in 1979 might not repeat itself lol wish her d best thou. looks too boti  

Gender: (f)
Posts: 1328

11:23 AM, 28 Apr 12
people say warri no dey carry last but dis one don carry last ooo

Gender: (m)
Posts: 11641

10:55 AM, 28 Apr 12
you look older but beautiful
Last modified by: Steph. 10:57 AM, 28 Apr 12

Gender: (m)
Posts: 504

04:33 AM, 28 Apr 12
wow is dat how u smile? like an imbecile

Gender: (m)
Posts: 1754

08:11 PM, 27 Apr 12
you are too old 4 this shit...!

Gender: (f)
Posts: 505

12:00 PM, 27 Apr 12
You look older, you must not be categorized as a girl....But you are sweet and lovely..#yawning

Gender: (m)
Posts: 0

11:01 AM, 27 Apr 12
so sweet.............. go 4 win

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