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miss nassarawa - hadasah emike benson.jpg

miss nassarawa - hadasah emike benson



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03:20 PM, 29 Apr 12
see wa ooo

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08:26 PM, 28 Apr 12
@happyone - What is racism all about here, your Bosom  adds to your beauty if you don't know, I think our Most beautiful girl needs the natural Bosom  beauty and be intelligence to win the miss world. Check all the miss world winners.... If we want to take miss world again we need to be transparent in this event to make it again and again
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11:25 AM, 28 Apr 12
racism.i think she is cute except for the nose.and mr "small Bosom ". what has Bosom  got to do with pageant.

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10:37 AM, 28 Apr 12
are you advertising close up?

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08:41 AM, 28 Apr 12

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04:53 AM, 28 Apr 12
 are u kidding me? seriously? smh

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07:56 PM, 27 Apr 12
hei..wetin be dis...

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07:13 PM, 27 Apr 12
must u shine those teeth to snap?

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11:35 AM, 27 Apr 12
I think your Bosom s are to small you have to use those beads to raise them upon how say you push your back outside

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