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miss osun - okafor christabel nkechinyere.jpg

miss osun - okafor christabel nkechinyere



Gender: (f)
Posts: 4663

03:19 PM, 29 Apr 12
she too strong

Gender: (m)
Posts: 1283

03:18 PM, 28 Apr 12
Our ibo gals full here .oooo why

Gender: (f)
Posts: 1077

11:42 AM, 28 Apr 12
where all the yoruba gurls go? lol

Gender: (m)
Posts: 2

08:38 AM, 28 Apr 12
A superstar indeed keep it up

Gender: (m)
Posts: 504

04:19 AM, 28 Apr 12
eth? i just noticed her name. not even originally fromosun. no wonder, i know my yoruba girls are: muahhh

Gender: (m)
Posts: 504

04:18 AM, 28 Apr 12
lol my state:) how worse can things get?

Gender: (m)
Posts: 1754

07:54 PM, 27 Apr 12
i disagree

Gender: (f)
Posts: 505

11:27 AM, 27 Apr 12
As osun river is so big thats how you have big must be a thief for snatching the post from that Yoruba girl with you seductive look...keep it up..u re a superster

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