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Black Woman Attacked & Burned By 3 Men Wearing White Hoods

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Topic: Black Woman Attacked & Burned By 3 Men Wearing White Hoods (Read 21591 times)
franel (8035)
2 years ago

«§» 23 October 2012

Sharmeka Moffitt, 20, is recovering today after three men burned and attacked her while writing the letters “KKK” on the hood of her car.

The attack happened Sunday evening at Civitan Park in Winnsboro, LA while she was walking in the park on a paved trail.

As reported by the Shreveport Times:

    Moffitt called 911 about 8 p.m. and told police she was attacked and burned by three men wearing white T-shirt hoodies, authorities said during a news conference today.

    Moffitt is believed to be severely burned and is being treated at LSU Hospital in Shreveport, where she’s listed in critical condition.

    The FBI is investigating whether the attack was a hate crime, Winnsboro Police Chief Kevin Cobb said.

Authorities have not identified, nor made any arrests in the case as they haven’t determined the sequence of events or whether the attack was random or planned.

Many in the social media sphere reported that Moffitt was wearing an Obama t-shirt, but those allegations turned out to be false.

   Police believe Moffitt was doused in a flammable liquid and set afire.

    Trooper Albert Paxton said Moffitt, who is in critical condition, suffered extensive burns below her neck on her chest and back all the way down to her calves.Though Cobb admitted the possibility of the attack being racially motivated was unsettling, they asked for the community to reserve judgement.

On Sharmeka’s Facebook page, it says she works for ConAgra Foods, Inc., an American packaged foods company. Since the story broke, a Prayers for Sharmeka Moffitt page has been created with over 11,000 supporters.

Source: ShreveportTimes &  globalgrind

23 Oct 12, 06:45 AM
Egbecelishus (5)
2 years ago

Too bad

23 Oct 12, 07:03 AM
kebella (44685)
2 years ago


23 Oct 12, 07:40 AM
pheleaz (288)
2 years ago

 talk about racism 

23 Oct 12, 08:23 AM
proly (10973)
2 years ago

Its really bad

23 Oct 12, 08:24 AM
jabanz (4401)
2 years ago

too bad

23 Oct 12, 08:25 AM
zeigbo (24111)
2 years ago


23 Oct 12, 08:41 AM
onlyGodknows (906)
2 years ago

America is the home of racism

23 Oct 12, 08:43 AM
mankaa (843)
2 years ago

Too bad

23 Oct 12, 09:01 AM
aso4life1 (11627)
2 years ago

see wickedness

23 Oct 12, 09:06 AM
kasy783 (510)
2 years ago

Racism is still in every part of the world.It's sad that in a 21st century,what some block heads see is still colour and not the best in a person.

23 Oct 12, 09:18 AM
Biafranwar (2908)
2 years ago

Thank God for her life because if to say na boko haram, she for don die by now

23 Oct 12, 09:24 AM
jamesbondchick (3692)
2 years ago

Ku klux klan aka kkk still dey exist?  Shocked

23 Oct 12, 09:30 AM
Finest123 (33)
2 years ago

Den chop craze ? Huh?

23 Oct 12, 09:35 AM
Idbabe (8105)
2 years ago

ok, only KKK what about 666?

23 Oct 12, 09:49 AM
dizhadah (2274)
2 years ago

very bad. Sad
i tot they were advance in democracy Huh?

23 Oct 12, 10:01 AM
micc (9729)
2 years ago

very bad

23 Oct 12, 10:16 AM
jeromchis (825)
2 years ago

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23 Oct 12, 10:46 AM
Aquarium (368)
2 years ago

Get well ko! Racism and it's results. America wants to turn into Scotland or South Africa.

23 Oct 12, 11:02 AM
chicco77 (22660)
2 years ago

sorry oh

23 Oct 12, 11:30 AM
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