Nigerian Stowaway Found Dead In Arik Airplane’s Undercarriage

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at 02:47 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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It is really sad that the desperation to leave the country in search of what many would call greener pastures has led them to their death. Today, we have been shocked with the news of the dead body of a young Nigerian man found in the wheel well, the undercarriage compartment of an Arik Air aircraft, after it returned from a flight to New York, United States.

One of the airline’s officials told This Day that the deceased might have hidden himself in the wheel well for days and was crushed to death while the flight was airborne to the JF Kennedy Airport, New York, from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. He added that the dead body was found during a check on the aircraft panel as it was being prepared for another flight and that the undercarriage compartment of the Airbus A340-500 is big enough to accommodate a person, besides the space for the tyres.

It seems ridiculous for someone to think he or she can hide in the wheel well of an aircraft while the plane is flying, doesn’t it? The source further said that it is out of ignorance that people hide in the wheel well and plan to stowaway because “the compartment is not pressurised like the cabin of an aircraft and it is not heated, so survival is rare even if the person is not crushed by the wheels.”

Pilots and aeronautical engineers familiar with the wheel well compartment said it is roomy enough to contain a human being, but it is highly unlikely that any one who hid there would come out alive after a flight that took several hours due to lack of oxygen.

The official attributed the incident to porous security at the airport, noting that “if having access to the airside is stringently prohibited, anybody that is not an official of airlines, handling companies and Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria would not gain access to the tarmac.”

Further investigations by ThisDay revealed that stowaways connive with ground handling companies to access the airside and the wheel well.

In March 2010, a Nigerian, Okechukwu Okeke was found dead in the nose wheel compartment of the United States carrier, Delta Airline, Boeing B777 aircraft parked on the tarmac of the Lagos airport.

We have heard of people travelling through the desert, trying to enter foreign countries by road and other means. But this sounds to risky to even be considered. We don’t know what might have pushed him to do this or how he even got there, but we pray that his soul shall Rest in Peace.

He's looking for peace he found death. .....R.I.P.....
chicco77 at 02:53 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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hmmmmmmm RIP
proly at 02:58 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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Nawaoooo people can take risk
Solidstonez at 03:10 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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 Huh? Huh? Huh?  Shocked Shocked TOO BAD.....RIP

Rihannaaa at 03:33 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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If naija was good, nobody would want to leave talkless of stowaway. Yeye country. yeye leaders  Roll Eyes

armanimukesh at 03:59 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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Nigeria is a bad country! Noted, but young men wit right attitude stil find means to break through. Its a pity dat young man just wasted his life 4 nothing. May soul RIP.i
christianity at 04:11 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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  • get rich or die trying
PidginMOUTH at 04:14 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
Mafiana1 at 04:17 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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Nigeria thinking...... Why not also wonder how he got there, who he made the arrangement with and how he gained access to that place,
osarobo62 at 04:19 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
(10549 | Hero) Online (m)
Biafranwar at 04:41 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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How the guy take reach there?
cocoeni at 04:54 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
(14426 | Hero) (f)
see wetin europe dey cause 4 life.......pity, RIP
Neglito at 04:56 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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This young Nigerian must have spent his life savings to bribe his way to that wheel well. May almighty God grant you eternal rest. Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
interpo777 at 05:24 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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nigerians,we hv the  deadiest and stupidiest way of thinking.if one million ppe got access to  stowaway through  undercarriage of any airplane, they all  will  die call it far or near wise bikonu
Noble12 at 05:50 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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2 bad! Rip
jabanz at 06:19 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
(4418 | Gistmaniac) (m)

torrejon_men at 06:26 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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Old story
onlyGodknows at 07:12 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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He made the choice, so blame no one for your choice. RIP, hope you repented of your foolishness before death.
aso4life1 at 07:36 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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Too bad

jamesbondchick at 07:47 PM, 27 Oct 12 (5 years ago)
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Haba! The guy wan leave naija by all means even if he died trying,well he got his wish,he  died trying! RIP young man

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