Husband divorce Wife Because Of Strange Body Odour

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sincara (86)
2 years ago

A strange body odour has reportedly sacked a housewife in Asaba, Delta State and left her second son dead two months later.

Reports said that the housewife, identified as mama Ebere, is a native of Okpanam and her husband hails from Owerri but resident in Asaba where they both met and were married.

Leadership reliably gathered that the man, a motor mechanic, was alleged to be a member of the “Otokoto” gang in Owerri who escaped to Asaba where he opened a mechanic workshop with two apprentices.

Sources said that for the six years that the marriage lasted, they were reportedly blessed with three children (two boys and a girl) until the trouble started.

According to our sources, mama Ebere had invited her younger sister to help her take care of her children while she continued with her Okrika (fairly used) clothes business. But this was not to be as the girl, identified as Ada, started enticing her brother in law with her dress sense.

LEADERSHIP further learnt that Ada also infected her sister with strange body odour that made her  no longer attractive to her husband.

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31 Dec 12, 01:54 PM
winace (20448)
2 years ago

Some siblings are useless and disgusting. I thot thg like dis only happen in movie.

31 Dec 12, 02:30 PM
ajanni (97848)
2 years ago

see trouble ooooo

31 Dec 12, 02:42 PM
jakitoo (5)
2 years ago

please,poster,can u explain this to our understanding,Ada "Infected" her sister with body odour.

31 Dec 12, 02:48 PM
Theswaggerman (170)
2 years ago


31 Dec 12, 02:56 PM
pwerymorgana (18)
2 years ago

 Roll Eyes :-Xdis one naa gist

31 Dec 12, 03:02 PM
paulohking (12075)
2 years ago


31 Dec 12, 03:21 PM
ezchusa (3750)
2 years ago

Hmmm! I wonder how you got to know her younger sister caused her elder sister the body odour

31 Dec 12, 03:41 PM
jamesbondchick (3692)
2 years ago

What is dis? Who be dis poster sef? Mtschew!

31 Dec 12, 03:44 PM
osamabinladin (13565)
2 years ago


31 Dec 12, 04:03 PM
beneno (19595) On
2 years ago

make the man forgive them na.abi their own body odour strong more than AJANNI own??

31 Dec 12, 04:07 PM
HOPEA23 (22201) On
2 years ago


31 Dec 12, 04:09 PM
arsenal123 (6474)
2 years ago


31 Dec 12, 04:38 PM
beneno (19595) On
2 years ago

naijapals happy newyear in half payment.sorry happy newyear in deposit,ooooooooooooops happy newyear in advance  Cheesy

31 Dec 12, 04:46 PM
ajanni (97848)
2 years ago

Quote from: arsenal123 on 31 Dec 12, 04:38 PM

i  c

31 Dec 12, 05:05 PM
sportyzander (462)
2 years ago

see Nollywood movie......

31 Dec 12, 05:41 PM
micc (9729)
2 years ago

Na their wahala be that

31 Dec 12, 06:11 PM
Ibinsgirl (572)
2 years ago


31 Dec 12, 06:16 PM
aso4life1 (11642)
2 years ago

na wa o

31 Dec 12, 06:45 PM
Bettygirls (4073)
2 years ago

ur own sister?disgusting

31 Dec 12, 07:47 PM

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