Woman cuts off her cheating boyfriend's private parts and flushes it down the to

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Oilprince (999)
2 years ago

Cheating men should take a lesson of what might happen during their sleep.

A woman who discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating cut off his private parts with a kitchen knife and flushed it down the toilet in his sleep, according to reports in the news media.

Julia Munoz Huaman, 41, confessed that she castrated her boyfriend Ramon Arias, 46, in a jealous rage.

The shocking incident at a resident’s hostel stunned the Brena Lima neighborhood where they lived. Security guards grabbed the woman and detained her as Arias complained of pain.

He was taken to a hospital and placed in intensive care, according to a report in the local newspaper.

He will likely need psychological treatment for several months or longer.

Julia Munoz Huaman, was charged with aggravated assault and faces many years in prison.

source; www.oilprincee.blogspot.com

21 Mar 13, 01:58 PM
ojamodochai (114)
2 years ago


21 Mar 13, 02:17 PM
Starship (304)
2 years ago

Mehn no be small thing o

21 Mar 13, 03:25 PM
Herdeola1 (625)
2 years ago

Bravo! Woman i lov u

21 Mar 13, 06:24 PM
morgrawl231 (6396)
2 years ago

 Shocked Shocked Shocked

21 Mar 13, 09:27 PM
chiboy406 (47)
2 years ago

Herdeola1 (285)⁠


Upcoming (f) | 3 hrs ago @ Mar 21 2013, 06:24 PM ​

Bravo! Woman i lov u

Person castrate em husband u dey tell am bravo. Oyaa make she go bravo am for jail. Uncontrolled temper is becoming a common virtue with women these days

21 Mar 13, 09:33 PM
Swtezvikky (1078)
2 years ago

Carry go mama

21 Mar 13, 09:34 PM
Shydaimma (8399)
2 years ago

what??/ Shocked Cut weytin?

21 Mar 13, 09:38 PM
Jazeera (1)
2 years ago

At 41 and 46,una stil dey do boyfriend and girlfriend. Rubbish!!

21 Mar 13, 09:41 PM
Shegzan (6986)
2 years ago


21 Mar 13, 09:45 PM
chatov (25)
2 years ago

no be small thing

21 Mar 13, 09:47 PM
osamabinladin (13565)
2 years ago

 Sad Sad Sad

21 Mar 13, 10:21 PM
80Julietss (34)
2 years ago

serves him right dat is why i love yankee women they don't take rubbish from any man

21 Mar 13, 10:37 PM
Chericoco (895)
2 years ago

Right on! Wait oh, na just boyfriend not husband. Can't stand cheating husbands. Will make sure my husband read this. Grin

21 Mar 13, 10:57 PM
zoe61 (12234)
2 years ago

nawa ooo

21 Mar 13, 11:00 PM
denmal (3225)
2 years ago

Quote from: Herdeola1 on 21 Mar 13, 06:24 PM
Bravo! Woman i lov u

mumu see ur mouth like bravo, oloshi

21 Mar 13, 11:15 PM
dickman2 (33943)
2 years ago

e better..make wahala finish ..we men no dey hear word..but make women stop to wear jeans..because if them wear that jeans na so men willie go dey stand with no control..if una stop to wear jeans,,cheating go stop....me williey don talk my own ooh..if una like make una keep on cutting ..

21 Mar 13, 11:16 PM
ezchusa (3750)
2 years ago


21 Mar 13, 11:23 PM
steveoneal (2953)
2 years ago

she s gone too too far,, damn it,, and didnt even leave a chance for the man to be able to undergo constructive surgery,, she flushed the willie ,,,, the woman na confirmed devil or on drugs

21 Mar 13, 11:52 PM
Weggason (7)
2 years ago

This as nothing to do with temper at all,personally i think she is on DRUGS.A man u not yet married to .This is very pathetic Wahala dey.

21 Mar 13, 11:57 PM

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