BREAKING NEWS: Chinua Achebe is Dead!

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tmaxdon (986)
2 years ago

Tragedy has befallen the land. The iroko has fallen. The Eagle On The Iroko, Prof. Chinua Achebe, is dead.

Chinua Achebe, one of the world’s most celebrated writers and author of the classic novel Things Fall Apart, is dead.

SaharaReporters learned that Achebe, who was the David and Mariana Fisher Professor of Literature at Brown University, died last night in a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Professor Achebe had been sick for some time.

He was 82, having been born on November 16, 1930, and had been in hospital in recent days.

Achebe is best known for his classical novel Things fall Apart. His last book, There Was A Country: A Personal History of Biafra, is still making waves.

22 Mar 13, 10:43 AM
Izabeth (9)
2 years ago

May his soul RIP, hero of our land !!!

22 Mar 13, 11:18 AM
faithakwaugo (36)
2 years ago

Wow so sad ! He should v stayed a little longer! Well his books ll live 4ever to bear his memory! We ll always love n be proud of u as long as we live! U were a blessing n honour to d Igbo pple! Ur intelligence is worthy to emulate n I pray 4 God to give u more pple like u who ll through their writing make a positive change n liberate our pple from d life of poverty n corruption! May ur sweet gentle soul rest in peace!

22 Mar 13, 11:29 AM
cheeoma12 (17)
2 years ago

RIP our Great Writer, Sincerity and Truth are your Watch Word. We Love You But God Loves you most.

22 Mar 13, 12:04 PM
luwanga (99)
2 years ago

A great man that lived a life of honour. Laa nke oma. Ibu dike.
After you, there will be no other.

22 Mar 13, 12:28 PM
BlueIxora (5891)
2 years ago

Chai! This is tragic! We have lost a hero. Rest in peace Prof. Achebe. You are my favorite author.

22 Mar 13, 12:30 PM
chidieberelendu (355)
2 years ago

May his gentle and Nobel spirit rest in perfect peace

22 Mar 13, 12:33 PM
zolazola (2289)
2 years ago

may his soul rest in peace. he was a legend and his legacy will remain forever

22 Mar 13, 12:37 PM
Shegzan (6997)
2 years ago

Yep... I read it sm hrs ago!! God wil hlp us...

22 Mar 13, 12:43 PM
gentlebird (1)
2 years ago

what a great loss to Nigeria,

22 Mar 13, 12:44 PM
tanglefree (1182)
2 years ago


22 Mar 13, 12:46 PM
mark200 (4)
2 years ago

what a great loss to Nigeria,may his soul rest in peace

22 Mar 13, 12:51 PM
PeacetoU (2285)
2 years ago

There is time for everything under the sun, time to be born and time to die. This is his time to die but the memories live on. May your soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. We'll all miss you.

22 Mar 13, 12:55 PM
adamiprofoma (45)
2 years ago

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.You where a great icon.

22 Mar 13, 12:58 PM
reel14 (19)
2 years ago

oh my  prof!Truly,the river do run dry atimes,flower withals,sun sets,eagles land,when night falls,colour fades but your memory lives on,you were a blessing to the entire black race.well!we submit to the law of nature,but your part and impart to humanity never be over-emphasized,jettisoned or forgotten...We,the humanity products even after your departure and return to mother-earth.

22 Mar 13, 01:01 PM
bestbuky (1522)
2 years ago

 Sad RIP

22 Mar 13, 01:02 PM
suredon2011 (1163)
2 years ago


22 Mar 13, 01:07 PM
morgrawl231 (6396)
2 years ago

Oh!!! a great hero is gone,,,,RIP Chinua Achebe,,,,

22 Mar 13, 01:12 PM
godspilosky (210)
2 years ago

Sad! we wil mis u dearly... RIP

22 Mar 13, 01:13 PM
dumechyke (87)
2 years ago

Rest in peace PAPA.!!!!! your a great legend in deed.

22 Mar 13, 01:14 PM

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