PICTURED: Woman Gets Pregnant After Intimate With Dead Man

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at 8 May 13, 10:09 PM (3 years ago)
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Police in Lexington Missouri have charged Felicity Marmaduke, a 38 year old mortuary worker with desecration of the dead and necrophilia after becoming pregnant by one of her clients...

She is now being held on a $250,000 bond. According to a statement made to police by Marmaduke, the alleged victim experienced a post mortem erection while being bathed. (This is where you science majors come in and please explain how this is possible by commenting below.)

While she was alone with the dead man, Marmaduke straddled him and proceeded to have sex with him. Much to her surprise, the alleged victim came to orgasm after several minutes.

While receiving a routine medical exam a few weeks later, Marmaduke had a positive pregnancy test. Police were immediately notified after she confessed as to how her pregnancy came about.
She was arrested without incident in her trailer home a few blocks from the mortuary.

What makes this whole situation worse is that Marmaduke plans to sue the dead man’s estate for child support.
Lord have mercy on this poor woman’s soul and her unborn child. How are you going to even explain to your child how he/she was created? I just can’t get over the fact that a dead man could still have erections.
What do you guys think can this really happen.
source http://spammer.blogspot.com/2013/05/pictured-woman-gets-pregnant-after.html
Arsenal7 at 8 May 13, 10:21 PM (3 years ago)
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story story stooooooooory.... NEXT  Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
chanst at 8 May 13, 10:25 PM (3 years ago)
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Strange!!! Dis explains d kind of unborn generation in expectance. May God hv mercy.
maeteng at 8 May 13, 10:27 PM (3 years ago)
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Poster u got loose nuts in ure brain!!!! Get ureself busy jareh!!!
maeteng at 8 May 13, 10:29 PM (3 years ago)
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Bros na lie NO DEAD MAN CAN GET AN ERECTION! Na poster form dis story!!!!
Unikpearl at 9 May 13, 06:55 AM (3 years ago)
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jossy4reall at 9 May 13, 07:16 AM (3 years ago)
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dis fake article has been on the internet for more dan 2yrs now..........why posting it hia again???

Jaylen at 9 May 13, 11:50 AM (3 years ago)
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Una don start to dey lie again i no wan read am just passing ...
mary11 at 9 May 13, 11:50 AM (3 years ago)
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Nothing new, after all na so ajanni mother take born ajanni

paulohking at 9 May 13, 11:58 AM (3 years ago)
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See lies, how did d dead man got erection? abi sperm fit comot without erection ni ?
ezchusa at 9 May 13, 11:59 AM (3 years ago)
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Da_zero at 9 May 13, 12:02 PM (3 years ago)
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@op na almighty god punish u for this fake news.....
etibaba at 9 May 13, 12:15 PM (3 years ago)
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Not possible cos an erection can only occur with the pumping of blood & dead ppl got no blood flow.

emekson at 9 May 13, 12:22 PM (3 years ago)
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dat can not happen!
I sensed d woman wants 2 posses dat man's Estate, bcos, since d man is dead, evidence is dead.
Wot a trick!.
ela214 at 9 May 13, 12:33 PM (3 years ago)
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mikytk at 9 May 13, 12:49 PM (3 years ago)
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tanglefree at 9 May 13, 01:12 PM (3 years ago)
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I just dey laugh out loud here.

Poster,U are really funny.
Biafranwar at 9 May 13, 01:29 PM (3 years ago)
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sonjohn994 at 9 May 13, 01:46 PM (3 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Bettygirls at 9 May 13, 02:06 PM (3 years ago)
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