Nigerians to start paying £3, 000 to enter the UK from November (Page 2)

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pchinedu20 at 06:07 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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etibaba at 06:23 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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Thats bullshit na.

odprince at 06:40 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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Nigeria is not good today is because of the Britain,if we have a better government,Britain should have known that our Money still with them,they never settle Nigeria,but last time,they settle Kenya by paying them millions of pounds...what about our own Money?No body will talk about it in Nigeria,whether our aboki don collect the money,,we don't know..
jane4real at 07:16 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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watin even dey the country sef. no jobs the house rent too expensive and dog shit everywhere. hissssssssssssssssssssss
jane4real at 07:18 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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Quote from: longben on 03:12 AM, 24 Jun 13
nose in the air,talking thru their noses,eating fish and chips from dirty newspapers,drinking alcohol like there is no 2morrow,wishing they were born a 150 years ago,breaking into homes to steal tv sets and dirty laundry and God save the queen is not worth 5 pounds.

Jennybaby at 07:53 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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Selfish pple
dickman2 at 08:28 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
tippa at 09:22 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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Quote from: longben on 11:32 PM, 23 Jun 13
3 thousand pounds to enter a country where three to four families share a 50sq meters apartment?i dey laff ohh
so on
schmit at 10:16 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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I no blame them . yeye people
akinmanchy at 10:18 AM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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Hmm really disrespectful! Thank God I came here years back,na where I for see 750k to deposit?  Grin . But on a serious note,its hard to convince pple back home that coming to Europe or America with large amount of money plus having to sell their properties is not worth the stress.

chicco77 at 12:11 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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bdbest at 12:16 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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E go gud as 4 does useles musician wy dy talk say dy cnt sty in nigeria cos niger lack many tins, dem cm back cm invest 2 build niger up n help fight d useles leaders.
morgrawl231 at 12:33 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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White boy madness,,,,,,and what is so special in UK that i have to deposite  that   amount of money??? To hell with u guys and ur UK
Bettygirls at 01:01 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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BlueIxora at 01:44 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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UK na heaven? Abegii comot make I pass joor! Cool
micc at 01:48 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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Very bad for our government. Undecided
kenosas at 03:44 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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winace at 04:30 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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They are no serious.
angesco at 05:05 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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We bought this on ourselves

How many times have churches in Nigeria that have organised pilgrimages to Israel been blacklisted because Nigerians failed to turn up at the airport to return to Nigeria? What about the case of the Olympics. We send out more "officials" than athletes to the games outside Nigeria and then less than half of them return. There are thousands of incidents where Nigerians and Asians disappear into England - only to resurface with lies. Lies such as "if I return to Nigeria they will kill me" or "my parents were killed and I am next to be murdered!" Give me a break. Nigeria is not more worse off than Chad, Niger, Sudan or Somalia- where they having been living on handouts from charity organisations for the last 30 years or so! In such countries many of their citizens were born into refugee camps and 30 years on are still living there! But Nigerians who have it good compared to them want to reap where they have made no contribution via the benefit system and council houses!.

We have illegal Chinese and Lebanese people - sorry I mean "tourists" - living the big life in Nigeria but they are in our country illegally. If the border agency in Nigeria cannot be bothered to shift them that does not mean England should do likewise. 101,000 Nigerians were given 6 month visas last year to come to England. India 296,000, 53,000 were given to Pakistanis and 14,000 each to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This was just last year. How many of them returned to their homelands when the visa's expired?

As Theresa May said "in the long run we're interested in a system of bonds that deters overstaying and recovers costs if a foreign national has used our public services."

The British government wants "annual net migration down below 100,000 by 2015." Whats wrong with that?

After all Kenya is not considered a high risk to immigration abuse why then should Nigeria - "the giant of Africa" be considered so.

This is one of the reasons Nigeria has become a stronghold for Islamic terrorists. Our airport authorities are more corrupt than the Nigeria police (and that is saying a lot). Anyone and anything is allowed over the border and into Nigeria. Port Harcourt airport (under reconstruction) is a way in for any illegal.  Staff working there are more interested in what you are carrying in 32kg of luggage than who you are. They look silly to the public arguing about what clothes are not allowed in  - with such statements as "madam, these shoes are new -they are not allowed in Nigeria! So while they are arguing about a pair of shoes (that will effect the Nigerian economy?) illegals and trouble makers are being scanned (with the naked eye) into the country. They are even given a loud "welcome to Nigeria sir/madam" by officials whilst those of us who are bonafide Nigerians are treated like the underclass.

S I say good for Britain. They want to keep their country decent and have only those who will contribute to the success of their country to come in and make a life here.

As Theresa May said ""this is the next step in making sure our immigration system is more selective, bringing down net migration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands while still welcoming the brightest and the best to Britain,"

Maybe our home secretary could do likewise for Nigeria and get only the brightest and best to come to Nigeria.

Who knows may be one day a member of the British government or an American senator will seek medical attention in Nigeria!

Who knows. Never say never. Have a nice day.
Yossman at 05:11 PM, 24 Jun 13 (4 years ago)
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our government is bad simple
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