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22 Years Old Ezinne Akudo Is The Winner Of Miss Nigeria 2013

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Topic: 22 Years Old Ezinne Akudo Is The Winner Of Miss Nigeria 2013 (Read 23347 times)
nametalkam (6152)
Gistmaniac (m) | 1 year ago

After the grueling bootcamp and the night's final festivities, Ezinne Akudo has emerged as the winner of the Miss Nigeria 2013. She takes home a N3M cash prize, a brand new car, a trip to California sponsored by MUD Cosmetics, and free trips to any part of the country furnished by Aero Contractors.

Congratulations to her! Continue for my thoughts on the show;

While the show looked like it was nice from the actual hall, on tv it was quite a mess. I blame AIT for the most part because of their crappy equipment, but also I wasn't particularly impressed with the organizers choice of AY as a cohost with Eku Edewor. They just didn't click. The lack of chemistry was so apparent, and you could see Eku was really trying to work with him but it wasn't working out.

I hope they work with a quality network like Ebony Life TV next year or at least make sure AIT acquire better equipment to handle the live show. A few stationary cameras won't cut it.

7 Jul 13, 02:11 AM
smartiyke (875)
Upcoming (m) | 1 year ago


7 Jul 13, 02:15 AM
EmekaBlue (2977)
Gistmaniac (m) | 1 year ago

Igbo babes...Nigerian finest & always representing

7 Jul 13, 02:57 AM
Oludelex (10)
Newbie (m) | 1 year ago


7 Jul 13, 03:17 AM
toibeli (4532)
Gistmaniac (m) | 1 year ago

The girl na fine girl Cool

7 Jul 13, 03:25 AM
ken10000 (844)
Upcoming (m) | 1 year ago


7 Jul 13, 03:47 AM
BobbySaka (2)
Newbie (m) | 1 year ago

@Emeka Blue    must u be ethnocentric?... she's beautiful,she is... She is a nigerian,yes... what is igbo this,igbo that?... phyuk OFF fag

7 Jul 13, 04:07 AM
Chickyzee (59)
Newbie (f) | 1 year ago

Congrat girl

7 Jul 13, 04:43 AM
Chickyzee (59)
Newbie (f) | 1 year ago

Congrat girl

7 Jul 13, 04:43 AM
edunaija (97)
Newbie (m) | 1 year ago

She is cute not because of her tribe but because its her turn. She could come from any where

7 Jul 13, 04:55 AM
mary11 (5817)
Gistmaniac (m) | 1 year ago

Nwa'ada u've done well

7 Jul 13, 05:39 AM
angesco (3540)
Gistmaniac (f) | 1 year ago

Well done Ezinne.

Nigeria is filled with beautiful people. Keep tribe out of it and lets come together as one!

7 Jul 13, 06:02 AM
reddish (639)
Upcoming (f) | 1 year ago

ride on

7 Jul 13, 06:15 AM
etibaba (4197)
Gistmaniac (m) | 1 year ago

Fyn babe Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

7 Jul 13, 06:25 AM
dickman2 (32982)
Addicted Hero (m) | 1 year ago

chai...this girl honeypot go sweet ooh..

7 Jul 13, 06:39 AM
Newbie (m) | 1 year ago

Na una sabi...if na bad thing wey she do, una go talk sey IGBO girls dey bad. Abeg! we have to encourage IGBOS though we are being marginalised in so many aspects of our economy but we come out stronger and better. God dey for our side but i am sure dat very soon BIAFRA will materialize.

7 Jul 13, 06:54 AM
juddycoil (1403)
Gistmaniac (m) | 1 year ago


7 Jul 13, 07:03 AM
ebiteck (2849)
Gistmaniac (m) | 1 year ago


7 Jul 13, 07:14 AM
ZION7ZION (1988)
Gistmaniac (m) | 1 year ago

 :-*Fumi and Funke, Fatima and Halima, Kewe and Ejiro no win am na Only EZINNE AKUDO win am, igbo babes no deh carry last, Up biafra Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss

7 Jul 13, 07:19 AM
helenmoore (7)
Newbie (f) | 1 year ago

ihe. Onye ga abu ka o ga abuliri. Onye chimere eze bu eze. Eme elu mee nna nwanne eze ka obu. Congrat Ezy

7 Jul 13, 07:35 AM
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