Getting Ban Too Frequently! GistMania Please Help

at 01:24 PM, 6/09/2013 (5 years ago)
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No doubt that your website have helped my blog, unless if I'm deceiving myself and also to many bloggers around the web. I must confess, I know getting to this stage of yours, wasn't an easy task for the man or lady behind Mania and the Pals. Yes, you are doing a great job.

I don't have anything to say than to beg you or at most to note some issue i'm having, because anything  relating to my site is directly affecting me. The issue or a little complaints I want to notify you of is that I'M BEING BAN TOO FREQUENTLY, YES, JUST TOO FREQUENTLY. I'm sure if just to come in, read stories, comment and backoff, no one will ban me. So me bringing new stories everyday to gistmania, is the issue. If i'm not mistaking, for this week alone, i have been banned for about three times, with such rate that means, I have to open another account, because each ban has always being permanent, which I think is too hash - no matter how the offence might be. So please gistmania, moderators, admin, kindly take to this issue. Yes, I know that sometimes I float some rules, but for a permanent ban? Is not what anyone deserve, except of course, if one uploads pornography pictures or videos

For bloggers coming in to the forum pasting stories, in my own little understanding, I think it should always be a win win thing. Most of the stories I do paste here, I paste it too at Nairaland, and since more than 3 weeks, I have never being banned over there. Yes, sometimes they do remove my blog link from the story and paste the full stories, but I've never being banned. Please Admin to Gistmania, help us, the new generation of bloggers. God bless


From Nikede Latest (facebook).

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rakelly at 02:46 PM, 19/09/2013 (5 years ago)
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stephen153 at 08:37 PM, 21/09/2013 (5 years ago)
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Be considerate
Before posting any topic, make sure you read the instructions
Don't post any topic that has been featured in the frontpage
Don't spam
Don't Scam
Don't post an incomplete topic
Don't insult
Any of these will lead to ban
Thank you


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