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A 4-Year-Old Boy Helped Save His Mother’s Life

A 4-Year-Old Boy Helped Save His Mother’s Life on: 26 Nov 13, 11:29 AM (2 years ago) by
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Aiden Mitchell, a 4-year-old in Detroit has been credited with heroically saving his mother’s life. As reported byWJBK Fox 2 News, Aiden’s great uncle Gregory Mitchell made several calls to speak with Aiden’s mother, Angela, but grew suspicious when the little boy kept answering the phone.

Aiden Mitchell, the young hero (WJBK)

Uncle Greg recalled, “I said, ‘Where’s your mom at?’ He said, ‘She’s asleep.’” But in fact, Aiden’s mother had fallen into a diabetic coma and it was just a matter of time until it could have become fatal..

Angela, Aiden’s mother (WJBK)

When relatives decided to check up on the family, Aiden was hesitant to open the front door. But when the relative put the young boy at ease by using their shared nickname, the 4-year-old opened up.

Angela’s home where the mother was discovered in a diabetic coma. (WJBK)

Once the family saw Angela’s condition they immediately called for medical help and emergency services took her to Sinai Grace Hospital. The EMS workers told Gloria Mitchell, Aiden’s grandmother, “Had it been another 30 minutes she may have, I might have lost her.” They experienced a tragedy earlier this year when Angela’s brother passed away from complications of diabetes so the little hero’s efforts saved the family from what would have been certain additional heartbreak.

Aiden’s Great uncle Gregory Mitchell, Aiden Mitchell, and Aiden’s grandmaGloria Mitchell (WJBK)

The grateful mother was expected to recover at home later that night. Greg said, “After I saw him, I told him he was a hero. I said, he’s a hero. He saved his mama’s life like that and he was smart to let him in the house like that.” It’s something that the 4-year-old agrees with exclaiming proudly, “I am a hero.”

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Reply #3 on: 27 Nov 13, 01:08 AM (2 years ago) by
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Yeah sweerie, you are a hero.
Reply #4 on: 27 Nov 13, 11:12 AM (2 years ago) by
ThoRam (2755 | Gistmaniac)

Good boy...

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