Bianca Ojukwu Addresses Claims By Husband's Family That Ojukwu Didn’t Marry Her

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at 07:06 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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Bianca Ojukwu in a new interview with SunNews addressed the claims by some members of her late husband’s family that he did not actually marry her.

She said:

    I think that is laughable because my marriage first and foremost, which took place at Our Lady’s Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church in Abuja, was a celebrated ceremony with ‘who is who in Nigeria’ in attendance. The reception was at the Hilton. In fact, it had a glittering galaxy of Nigerians, most of them are still alive today.

    And what is interesting about this ridiculous assertion is that those that are making the assertion or asking me to bring proof of my marriage with their brother were present at the wedding in Abuja, and present at the wine-carrying at Ngwo, and even dressed in the uniform depicting their family outing. 

    All the pictures are there to prove it, the video is there to prove it, you can look at the pictures yourself. Look at this picture, you can see Senator Pius Anyim, you can see Governor Rochas Okorocha, all of them came to Ngwo. 

    So, for people to wake up and start suffering from selective amnesia just because there are cases in court where property and who gets what is concerned is ridiculous. 

    The fact remains that I was married to their brother at the registry, at the church and traditionally in my father’s compound. I remain the only woman that Ikemba married or went through these three forms of marriages with, I’m the only one, and it is on record. 

    Therefore, for them to wake up and decide that what happened never happened, I  believe it is really unfortunate for them because there is no iota of truth in that assertion and it does not depict them in favorable light because they were there.

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Shegzan at 08:48 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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Dia fall-out!!

geraldduruike at 08:48 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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okemba did not marry her but she marry ikemba..that means ..that jona did not swallo the fish but the fish swallo jona..means there is a swallo contrary..means there is a marriage between ikemba and bianca..i think with kids..My Good Brothers..Allow the Heavy Man to Respect In PEACE wherever he's now..If what she said is truth..There was a vow and dowry paid means marriage is there..Lets respect our HERO..IKEMBA..Please my dear Brothers.Just an advice..
Tony4mogule at 09:15 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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Ezinne ikwu chim notin do u
ThoRam at 09:16 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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nice to know  
jossy4reall at 09:25 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
(19965 | Hero) (m)
I C,,family wahala

PeacetoU at 09:38 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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They should settle amongst themselves
paulohking at 09:39 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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ehn ehn Roll Eyes?
ray1234 at 09:57 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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Family palaver.
cadanre at 10:05 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
(9237 | Hero) (f)
Aha!! No be inyamirai? Hehehe!!

Tokunbogurl at 10:44 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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Gud 4 dem
Majfvy at 10:52 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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The family r very greedy. Y wud de covet dia brother's property, wat ll happen 2d children
proly at 11:03 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
(15280 | Hero) Online (f)
ObyWBabaK at 11:18 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
(2258 | Gistmaniac) (m)
cadanre at 11:42 AM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
(9237 | Hero) (f)
Sad for Ojukwu's family.

Adeoba10 at 02:48 PM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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chicco77 at 02:51 PM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
(22445 | Addicted Hero) (f)
 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
mary11 at 03:36 PM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
(18502 | Hero) (m)
Make they settle dia matter jare

cadanre at 03:48 PM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
(9237 | Hero) (f)
This is not an easy matter to settle in igboland. It is lurking in each and every home. Bought sons and daughters, impregnated sisters to sell the child(s), a grandson grown for rituals in case money is needed, just to mention a FEW.

Lekan22 at 04:04 PM, 17/12/2013 (4 years ago)
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 Lips Sealed
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